Dana Loesch Has EPIC Message For Muslims Offended By Cartoons About Muhammad

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TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch–a strong and fearless voice in the conservative movement–recently discussed the horrific terrorist attack carried out by Muslim thugs in Paris, and boy did she have an epic message for nutty radicals who get offended by cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Let me tell you folks, this one is definitely going to leave a mark.

From TPNN:

Loesch, a powerful voice within the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party grassroots movement in America, mocked the stated accomplishment from the Islamist terrorists following the horrific event in which they shouted that they had somehow ‘avenged their prophet Mohammad, who had been insulted.’

“How had he been insulted?” Loesch asked rhetorically. “Oh, with drawings –with silly drawings making fun of him,” she said, answering her own question.

I’ve never understood the remedial logic that believes savagely murdering innocents in the name of a religious figure brings honor to said religious figure. Omnipotent figures fear no cartoon. Omnipotent figures fear no free speech. This isn’t so much about some cartoons as much as it is about the forced, wholehearted acceptance of Islamist principles.

“My God is omnipotent,” Loesch continued. “Omnipotent Gods don’t fear cartoons.”

Boom. Drops the mic–don’t worry she can afford a new one–and walks away.

Loesch’s point is absolutely rock solid, although Muhammad isn’t considered a “god” by the Muslim religion.

No one alive on this planet has the right not to be offended. I get loads of hate mail on a regular basis for my thoughts and opinions, yet I’ve never gone out and cut someone’s head off for it.

I’m pretty sure that as much as this hideous culture we live in makes fun of Jesus, He’s not up in Heaven crying His eyes out over it. Don’t get me wrong, God is holy and won’t be mocked. There’ll be a day when He as the Supreme Judge will hold everyone accountable for their deeds, including those who disrespected Him so egregiously.

Yet He has grace on them while they’re alive and doesn’t demand His followers go and start racking up a body count.

It’s time to stop being politically correct and start labeling this radicalized ideology exactly what it is: evil.

Until we’re ready to say that and put boots on the ground to stick these terrorists in the dirt, we’re going to see more of this nonsense in the future.


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