Dad Sends Daughter Off to College With a Gift

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And that gift saves her life.

A college girl and her boyfriend were minding their own business in their off-campus apartment, enjoying a quite day.  Then the door came came down.  What happened next…

As the reporter noted, this is just the latest in a series of home invasion robberies around the college campus.  Most colleges, and we don’t know if this is the case at the University of Central Florida, have “no gun” rules even in off-campus housing.  As with most rules in place in today’s colleges and universities, it makes no sense and it sets their students up for bad guys who “know” they’re unarmed.

The University of Central Florida is in Orlando.  911 response times in Orlando run about 10 minutes.  In this case, thankfully, this young lady wasn’t unarmed because she didn’t have 10 minutes.

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