Computers Wrong on Snowpocalypse: Al Gore Inconsolable

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Snowpocalypse has been declared a failure in NYC.  The weatherman has apologized.

Steps are being taken to change the computer program which predicts disasters.  In a country which busies itself with weather forecasts of doom and gloom for one hundred years from now, forecasters can’t even get the prediction for the next 24 hours right. Garbage in, garbage out, perhaps?

Computer models designed by human beings might not be the best way to predict our future.  It surely isn’t the way we should decide how much money the world should spend on stopping Mother Nature.

Andrew Cuomo actually told people not to come out of their houses, and he banned travel, calling the driving of a car a crime, regardless of whether it was snowing at the time, or ever snowed at all.  People were told not to even walk on the sidewalks!  Would people have been fined for sledding, or snow shoeing, or cross-country skiing?

The rail system, the subways and some bridges were closed, not in the event the prediction turned out to be true, but in anticipation that the weathermen are always correct.  It was the first time ever that the subways were closed. Schools and airports were closed ahead of the storm.  How many people had to cancel doctor’s appointments due to lack of transportation?

Perhaps an announcement that these steps would be taken if and when the snow actually came would have made more sense.  There was no announcement to stay tuned as to when or if the bans would be lifted.

Grocery stores shelves were emptied.  Don’t we all have enough food in our homes to make it through a few days of being homebound?

What is next?  Eighteen million people live in the area and have had their lives put on hold.  They could not go to work.  What important work therefore was left undone?  People were stranded on one side of a bridge, or wherever they were when the subways were shut down.

How much money was lost due to this laughable response to a false prediction?   Workers lost a day of work, at whose expense?   What is next – a government program to repay either the companies or the employees for their loss of pay or of vacation days?  Perhaps a declaration of a federal emergency which never came?

Isn’t it time to start questioning computer models?  In the case of the global warming alarmists, should we not begin to question the data they chose to feed into a computer in order to get a desired result?  Perhaps a bonus should be given to those who feed the computer with data which shows that this is all a bunch of hooey, instead of giving grants of money to those who “prove” we are doomed because of mankind.



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