Civil behavior at the Civic Theatre, or Blessed are the Peacemakers

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“Blessed are the peacemakers,” or so says Christ. What does that mean to be a peacemaker?

Well in my mind it means starting with yourself, aligning yourself with God’s peace, so that I just sort of naturally exudes from you as you go through your day. So that others see you and just naturally want to say things like, “Look there goes Hobo John he is so peaceful, he is a man of peace I can tell you that.”

Well believe it or not, not a lot of folks in my home town say that about me. Peace is something I have had to work at creating within myself. Christ also said, “Blessed are the pure in heart.”  Well my heart is mostly full of bitter envy, jealousy and anger of every sort. But I just keep loving myself  and others through and all my crazy sinning.  I am starting to feel some results in the peace and kindness department, but it always a struggle.

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Last night my girlfriend and I went to the local theatre to watch her son perform in The Wedding Singer.

He did a hell of job in a performance that included a lot of singing and dancing and a pretty fair impression of Ronald Reagan, may he rest in peace.

Anyway my girl was in a play over at the theatre not to long ago herself; and any guy that spends any time with her ends up developing a little crush, so to speak.

Well we show up and just like I thought all these guys start gushing over her a little bit. I pretend to be a gentleman and go along with the game, but on the inside I am in a jealous rage, well it use to be a rage, but with all the spiritual work I have been doing, it is more like a jealous seething.

I was also in a play when I first came off the streets. They call it the Civic theatre, but I have never found it to be all that civil. I played George Merry, toughest pirate on the seas in Treasure Island. I took a bullet to the head at the end of the show, which I am sure brought a lot of pleasure to several other folks in the play and the director as well.

People involved in the theatre, well they love drama. A lot of gossip goes on, and plenty was going on about this former hobo to the point where I called several of them a bunch of lying backstabbing weasels.


I may have even used the B-word on one lady who acted like she had been in a couple of productions with George Clooney, even though she was only doing makeup for us. Believe it not most folks do not find that kind of talk endearing. Oh yea, I also let the director know I did not take kindly to him screaming at me all the time.

You see I was making the mistake of wanting to fit in and was feeling sorry for myself about all the gossip. The best approach as I am learning is to, like Christ, return kindness to every slight and mean spirited jab against you. When you do that, it just kind of naturally take the heat out of all the gossip and slander when they have no one to fight with.

Well I have tried out for nine or ten plays over at the civic since Treasure Island and have not been cast in a one of them. They did offer me a small part in Of Mice and Men when they didn’t have enough folks auditioning. But once they woke up to what they had done, they made some calls and got another fella for the part. I showed up for rehearsal the next day and was told they would have to let me go, as I was just too tall for the part.

I attend all the plays at the theatre and I treat everyone I see with loving kindness, and it is driving some of them nuts to be treated that way, as they want so badly to see me as a big bully, meany guy. But I am also making some friends as well and who knows after nine or ten more try outs, I may land another part.

Peace to you folks, I love you with everything that I have. That is my motto, my mantra and the truth of things. Send me a friend request on facebook why don’t you. And if you want to read more of my stories push on the name Hobo John at the top of this story and it will take you to them.


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