Can Obama’s Illegal Aliens Be Stopped?

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Good question.  President Obama and the Democrats have a love affair with illegal aliens.  They view them as “their kind of people.”  You know, unemployable welfare leeches who have no problem ignoring the law and living off the hard work of others.  We know them as “Democratic voters.”

President Obama’s latest offensive against the Constitution and the American people, his amnesty pronouncement, is coming under fire from a Republican Congress.  Some in the House, and even some in the Senate, are trying to put a halt to the Obamamesty program by halting funding.  It remains to be seen if that will work.

The chief proposal, sponsored by Rep. Robert Aderholt, Alabama Republican, would prohibit the administration from spending any money to carry out the amnesty Mr. Obama announced on Nov. 20, or any of the other non-deportation policies his Homeland Security Department has carved out over the previous few years.

Another proposal to be voted on would also cancel Mr. Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty specifically aimed at so-called Dreamers…

Some critics had questioned whether the spending bills could be used to halt the president’s actions, since the agency that will administer the amnesty, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is fee-based. That means it pays for itself out of the fees it would collect, and some lawmakers had said that freed it from Congress’s power of the purse.

But the Congressional Research Service rejected that, saying that even the fees are considered taxpayers’ money, and Congress has the power to restrict spending.

There are problems with this, primarily that the Congressional Research Service’ opinion doesn’t carry the weight of law.  The President will have the Department of Justice issue a legal opinion that Congress does not have the power to restrict spending from fees and the issue will go to court.  At best it might be decided by the judiciary in maybe 2018.

The Democrats have admitted that the President’s actions are outside the law, even House Minority Leader (we like typing that) Nancy Pelosi admits it by omission.  Here’s what she predictably had to say.

Democrats said the GOP was being cruel to illegal immigrants by holding the debate.

“Rather than building upon the president’s bold move to keep families together, House Republicans have decided to threaten a partial government shutdown and play politics with the security of our homeland by appeasing the anti-immigrant and extreme right-wing of their party,” said Drew Hammill, spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

We’re cruel, we’re playing politics, we’re “anti-family” and “anti-immigrant.”  Name calling, not citing any legal or Constitutional authority is simply an open admission that they have no standing for an argument.  Other, of course, than the fact that they’re looking for ways to nationalize 15 to 50 million new uneducated, unskilled, welfare recipients who can’t speak English, onto the voter lists of the Democratic Party.


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