California High School Sponsors “Dress Like Joel Osteen Day”

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Administrators at a California high school in Sacramento are concerned that dressing like a thug effects male students’ behavior and their classroom performance have decided to sponsor the “Dress Like Joel Osteen Day.”  They point out that Pastor Osteen, famous for his professional attire, is an excellent role model for troubled youth and that dressing in a respectful and professional manner could impact their performance in school and get them on the “right track.”

Well, maybe not.  You probably think no public high school would a) tell their students that attire shown on the left is unacceptable or, b) promote Joel Osteen or any Christian as a role model.  And, you’d be right.

What you might not guess though, is that a high school in Sacramento would promote religious dress for their girls because, “If a woman has the right to show off what she has, then she also has the right to cover it up too.”

The school had help in putting together the “right to cover it up” day and it was enthusiastically received by students.

This all started with a student at NP3 High who is an intern for the Hamas-linked terror organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). This student gave a presentation about Islamophobia and Islam at what was a mandatory staff meeting that also included an official CAIR representative.

The school … decided to sponsor an official “Hijab Day” in cooperation with Hamas-linked CAIR. The flier also shows that another Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization, the Muslim Students Association, is also involved. Every female member of the faculty and staff, and students as well, has been encouraged to wear a hijab…

The “Islamophobia” meme is a bit overdone here.  CAIR and the MSA have gone out of their way to lie about the reason women in Muslim “cultures” wear a hijab.

…student organizers say there’s actually nothing oppressive about the hijab.

Perhaps someone from CAIR or the MSA would care to explain

We’re willing to bet that the same people who are so excited about “Hijab Day” would be among the first to tell you that Christianity oppresses women.  We find it incredulous that the same people who mock Christianity and call for the “Wall of Separation” between church and state routinely support a tolerant view of Islam, easily the most misogynist value system on earth.

We’re wondering if these high school administrators and students would support a day like “You Don’t Need A Clitoris Day” in honor of the widespread practice of female genital mutilation by Muslims the world over.  We’d bet Planned Parenthood would be willing to set up an on-site clinic with Muslim “doctors” to handle the procedure for Sacramento’s high school girls.


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