Boy Tries To Join A Gang, How His Father Responded Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Being a parent–especially in a culture that celebrates teenage rebellion–is the hardest job on planet earth. Nothing is more difficult than raising a child and attempting to instill values in them that will help them become well adjust adults who actively and productively contribute to society.

These days, most parents have given up trying to bring up their kids to become independent, morally centered adults and have instead focused their efforts on being the “cool” mom and dad, a child’s best friend rather than a guide and authority figure.

One dad of a foolish young man who tried to join a gang decided to forego the popular notion of being his kid’s best pal and decided to do his fatherly duty to stand between his child and a destructive lifestyle that could’ve come with grave consequences. Check this out.


From Mad World News:

A video was recently uploaded to the Facebook page of Emmanuel Matos, where it has been viewed well over a million times already. It continues to go viral as the father’s reaction is praised and shared.

The video starts with a father and his son within the frame, where the dad starts by saying that although some may think they’ve gotten his son into the gang life, this video is him ripping his son back out. “My son will not be in a gang,” the father states before finally saying that anyone who disagrees can come see him about it.

He then tells his son to shoot his gang’s sign, which the boy is reasonably hesitant to do. Outraged that the boy wouldn’t do as he was told, his father slaps him across the face, causing the young man to stumble back into a wall.

The two then converse back and forth before it’s more than established that the boy would no longer be involved with the gang life, and he will be spending his energy on school and basketball. The father then reiterates that anyone with a problem with the video’s outcome, simply needs to come to him in order to resolve any further questions.

I say this man deserves a round of applause for doing his job and standing between his son and a life of crime, drugs, and violence that might have earned him the not-so-awesome reward of an early death.

Some are saying the father was abusive. Maybe he could’ve made his point without slapping his son, but then again, we don’t know this kid. Perhaps this isn’t the first time he’s done something massively stupid, and needed some sense slapped into him. Who knows?

Would I have slapped my kid like that? Probably not. That’s not really my style. Again, this isn’t my kid, and I don’t know what the deal is with this young man, but it doesn’t appear his father is being abusive. It’s a concerned dad being driven to extreme measures to keep his son safe.

The bottom line is this father fulfilled his responsibility to protect his child by standing in between him and a dangerous, foolish decision that could’ve gotten him killed. If more kids had parents willing to go the distance to correct them and keep them out of harm’s way, the future of this country would look a heck of a lot brighter.

Let’s hope dad’s lesson sunk into junior’s thick skull, and that he one day learns to appreciate what his father did to keep him safe.

Editor’s note: Scared the hell out of me. I ain’t joinin no gang I can tell you that.

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