Boehner: Serial Liar Facilitating the President

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“.. if the Republicans do not have enough integrity to remove a serial liar who is facilitating the president… there is no need for us to deal with the Republican Party.”

— Bill Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

“A vote for Boehner is a vote for amnesty,” he continues – explaining how his group will rescind endorsements of GOP House candidates who back Boehner for Speaker.  Americans for Legal Immigration helped defeat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary in 2012.

Thanks to a massive push to get the Speaker removed from the position of leadership in the GOP – the House switchboard was jammed by conservatives urging their members to vote against Boehner.

A new poll conducted by (Pat) Caddell Associates showed that 60% of Republican voters did not want Boehner to continue on as Speaker and if 30 Republicans vote for someone else, that would be enough to deny Boehner a majority of the vote, which would cause him to drop out of the race.

But Boehner’s office is confident he will be re-elected:

“Rep. Boehner was selected as the House Republican Conference’s choice for Speaker last month,” Boehner aide Michael Steel told The Daily Caller earlier this week, “and he expects to be elected by the whole House next week.”

Republicans planning to vote against him include Indiana Rep. Marlin Stutzman, who lost a leadership election of his own in June. Other Boehner “no’s” are Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, Iowa Rep. Steve King and newly elected Reps. Gary Palmer of Alabama and Brat. King and Stutzman both voted for Boehner in 2013, when he drew a total of 220 votes to win by a margin of two. Cantor, Brat’s predecessor, also backed Boehner in 2013.

Boehner seems to have gained some supporters since his near-defeat two years ago. Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina, who abstained in 2013, will vote for Boehner this time, his office said Monday.

the House-wide election of the speaker takes place on the floor and will be televised on C-SPAN. The House clerk calls the names of each member aloud, and they yell out their vote.

Boehner needs the support of the majority of votes present and voting for speaker. What that number will be is unclear.

New York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm has resigned following his guilty plea on a federal tax evasion charge, so that leaves one seat vacant. Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) will also not be attending Tuesday’s vote because of health problems.

Also, most of the New York delegation will be attending the funeral of Mario Cuomo, further lessening the number of votes Boehner needs and the real losers can vote “present” rather than cast a vote for a speaker candidate at all, further reducing the total needed for a majority.

If somehow Boehner is unable to get a majority, it moves to a second ballot and at that point, Boehner’s allies could try to flip votes on the floor, or move into a closed party meeting to hash out the differences. In other words, bribe, cajole and threaten. Say it.

“This is a tough fight,” but it’s “doable,” said Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, pushing lawmakers not to support Boehner. He predicted momentum would build for Boehner’s ouster right up until the roll call begins. If it doesn’t work, he said, the message will be “change, or we’ll be back.”

No you won’t. John Boehner has raised enough money, McConnell got the funding rules changed, Obama gets his Amnesty and conservatives can just go home. Sorry.


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