Black Lives – Nobody Gives a Damn

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Black lives matter!  The rallying cry for the Racism Industry at the close of 2014…

We’ll probably be hearing it over and over in 2015 as well.  Here’s the truth about that.  No, they don’t.  Black lives don’t matter.  They certainly don’t matter to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.  They don’t matter to Barack Obama or Rahm Emmanuel.  Most of all, they don’t matter to the so-called black community.  They don’t matter at all.

What matters to the “leadership” of the “black community” is politics.  That means they find a black punk who’s been killed in the line of duty by a white cop, or killed in self-defense by a white-Hispanic, and they rally the lowlife community with demonstrations organized by the civil rights division of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice so they can draw attention to the supposed fact that they are “victims.”

It’s New Year’s day so reporting on 2014 homicide is a little thin, but we’re going to follow up on this story.  We don’t expect the results to change substantially from what we’ve got today.  Today, we’ve got detailed numbers from two cities that are representative of the cities all across the US, Chicago and Washington DC.

  Chicago Washington Total Murders Percent
Total Murders 456  105  561
Blacks Murdered  350 97  447  80%
Hispanics Murdered  67  4  71  13%
Whites Murdered  31  2  33  6%
Unknown Race 8 1 9 1%

In just two major cities, where most violent crime occurs, you have 447 black lives ended.  447.  Four hundred forty seven.

The world was seemingly turned upside down by the media coverage, the involvement of the President of the United States, and the full force of the Racism Industry, by the death of one black 18 year old punk who robbed a store, assaulted the store owner, assaulted a cop and tried to take his gun, and then ran from the scene.  When the cop chased him down, he attacked the cop and was shot and killed in self-defense.

“Cop murders unarmed black teenager!!!” read every headline.  The “unarmed black teenager” was six inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than the cop.  HE was a deadly weapon.  The headline was a lie.  When the grand jury had heard all of the evidence, including statements from at least six black witnesses, they returned no indictment against the cop.

Eric Holder’s Department of Racial Injustice had over 100 civil rights lawyers and FBI agents on the scene within 48 hours of the shooting, they were given all of the evidence shown to the grand jury, they had transcripts of the grand jury proceeding on a daily basis as it happened.  Eric Holder has not filed a federal indictment, nor has he empaneled a Federal Grand Jury to hear evidence against the cop, and he’s taken no action against the Ferguson Police Department that “everyone” complained was overwhelmingly white and didn’t “represent the community.”


So what has “the community” done in response to the death of a punk wannabe gangbanger who even Eric Holder can’t manage to defend?

On the other hand what about the response to

  • Reginald Jones, who a masked gunman followed into a tire shop office and fatally shot him Wednesday afternoon on the South Side, according to police and the shop owner.
  • Ronald Hernandez, a 45-year-old man, fatally shot during an Austin neighborhood robbery that also left an 8-year-old boy wounded Sunday evening.
  • Donatello Herrera, rushing home from his late shift, planning to spend the day catching up on Christmas, when the father of three was gunned down on the street for no reason police can figure out.
  • Knijah Bibb, a three year old girl who was killed when a man randomly fired shots into her house.

We could go on and on and on, but you get the idea.

There were no demonstrations.  There were no calls to the families by President Obama.  There were no civil rights lawyers or FBI agents sent to investigate any of these murders.  There was typically a short news report buried deep in the local newspaper with no follow up.  In Chicago, police clear less than one homicide in three.  Why?  A number of reasons, but a major reason is this.

The black community doesn’t give a damn.  Hell,

They don’t give a rat’s ass.

It’s open season on blacks.  And the only people with hunting licenses are black.  Well, 93% of them are.  And nobody in their “community” gives rat’s ass.

Certainly not Barack Obama, his hometown is the murder capital of the nation.  Certainly not Eric Holder, he’s from Chicago too.

Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson?  How are they going to make any money off a dead three year old girl brutally murdered by a black 25 year old punk who was pissed off about somebody’s jeans?

The media?  They won’t feature those stories because they know that nobody cares.  Knijah isn’t going to sell newspapers, she’s not going to get internet clicks (you didn’t check out the story, did you), and she’s not going to boost ratings at CNN like a firestorm and looting in Ferguson, MO.  Heck, her neighbors aren’t going to burn down their neighborhood stores over her murder.

Other than their immediate families, nobody, nobody, cares about Knijah, or Donatello, or Ronald, or Reginald.  Nobody cares about an 8 year old boy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who cares about the one burning Christmas memory that Donatello’s three kids are going to carry for the rest of their lives?  For them, Christmas isn’t likely to be about the birth of a savior.  They won’t be thinking about peace on earth, goodwill to men.  There won’t be a memory of a special toy or a Christmas meal with family gathered, smiling, hugging, and opening presents, and loving one another.  For those three kids, Christmas is likely to be about the senseless death of their dad, murdered by a black murderer who’s not even all that likely to be caught.  We won’t say “brought to justice,” because for Donatello’s kids there will never be “justice.”

Because nobody cares.  Nobody.

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