Check Your Wallet. Your Identity Might be Missing and Waiting in Line at the DMV!

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There is a story coming out of California today and like all good stories from California, this one is a doozy. I don’t mean that in a positive way either.

According to a DMV source that wanted to remain anonymous and who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News, effective January 1, 2015, DMV investigative officers were reportedly directed to ignore those who could possibly be someone “who may have attempted to obtain or been issued a license or ID card previously through submission of false information” and whose license or ID wasn’t used to commit any other crime.

In the 37 years that I’ve lived in California, I’ve seen just about every liberal progressive directive that has ever come out of the state’s government.

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Typically, the directives come from the governor’s office much like an executive order coming from President Barack Obama’s desk.

California’s latest policy reportedly comes from Gov. Edmund “Jerry” Brown and is no exception to past liberal social justice malarkey!

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Potentially, every time a cashier asks for an ID or license for the purchase of an item, an additional crime has been committed. Not anymore.

Under the new DMV policy, you are only committing a crime as an illegal immigrant, if you used your fraudulently obtained license or ID and admit to additional wrongdoing.

No investigative officer will check into the matter or question the illegal immigrant about how they used their previously obtained license or ID.


Apparently, the DMV is banking on illegal immigrants coming forward and declaring their own wrongdoing. That should work out well!

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Should they choose to come forward and make an admission of guilt, they will potentially face felony charges in California.

The policy change and the benefits therein, however, don’t apply to those who are naturalized or natural born United States citizens who previously obtained a driver’s license fraudulently.

These people, unlike those illegally in the U.S., would be criminally prosecuted and charged with a felony for identity theft for the initial act of obtaining a license or ID by fraudulent means.

The anonymous source also called the new DMV policy, “unethical” and felt that it is contrary to law enforcement code of ethics.

The policy is both illegal and unethical since fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license or ID, whether you are here legally or illegally, is identity theft and is considered a felony under the California Penal Code.

Why the exception to the penal code, the law enforcement code of ethics, and the laws of California in general?

That’s easy to answer.

The new policy may be a way for illegal immigrants to avoid prosecution and conviction for a felony that could lead to their deportation and disqualify them from reaping the benefits under Obama’s recent “executive amnesty” policy.

Brown is a strong supporter of Obama and would certainly be more than willing to help Obama’s plan succeed by turning a blind eye to fraud.

You may recall that Brown praised Obama’s executive actions on immigration and even called on Congress to “finish the job.”

Brown said then that the president “stepped up for hard-working families across America” when Washington couldn’t make “amnesty” happen.

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After Brown sang Obama’s praises, he bragged about his own actions in passing the Dream Act, which gives college financial aid to illegal immigrants, and the bill he passed which allows for driver’s licenses to be issued for those in California illegally.

In addition, Brown approved providing legal services to unaccompanied minors who came to California from Central America.

So, it comes as no surprise that Brown may be behind the latest DMV policy that is in lockstep with Obama’s amnesty program.

Brown may also be less worried about identity theft in California since he may have aspirations in running for president someday. Perhaps as early as 2016.

Don’t be surprised if you see Brown tossing his hat in the ring since he annihilated his Republican opponent during the 2014 gubernatorial election and was re-elected for his fourth and last time.

In any event, if you are unfortunate enough to have become a victim of identity theft in California you may want to stop by the DMV to see if anyone standing in line to get a new driver’s license or ID matches your description.

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