Atlanta Fire Chief Fired For Being Christian

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If the Atlanta Fire Department would have fired Kelvin Cochran for any other reason than being a Christian, I bet you would have heard about his recent unemployment already. Perhaps your neighborhood would have been burned down, or the President would have evolved on something, who knows?

But bigotry against Christianity is not just okay in this country, it’s downright fashionable and even considered great entertainment. Weird, right? Yeah, but you know why it’s okay to bash and discriminate against Christians in the eyes of the bigots?

Simple. Because Christians are nice people – by Rodney Lee Conover

Go ahead, call them names, mock their traditions, draw cartoons of their spiritual leaders – put Jesus in urine if you’re really bored – and see what happens: That’s right, nothing. Friend me on Facebook – if you dare. No one turned away.

The most you’ll see is some complaining and most often just the other cheek. This is what emboldens the anti-Christian bigot – the fact that they won’t be shamed, fired or fined – much less shot down in the street or beheaded for their hate-filled ruminations.

So here comes the American Dream personified, Kelvin Cochran – born poor and black in an alley in Shreveport: But one day – God told Kelvin to become a firefighter – to save people. You gotta love it..

Kelvin of course, becomes a firefighter. A hard-working, stand-up member of the community – a righteous man ready to save anybody that needs saving. Eventually, Kelvin makes it all the way to Fire Chief of Shreveport. Then the big city of Atlanta!

Problem is, Kelvin’s a Christian.

We can’t have that.

Kelvin in 2009 served in the Obama Administration as fire administrator before returning to Atlanta in 2010 where he was unanimously confirmed as Fire Chief once again. Sounds like his ducks are in a row to me, right?


The American Dream come true. A real hero for kid’s of all races to look up to. This is a role model who should be frontpage and front center. Kick-ass…

If only Kelvin Cochran didn’t write a book for his men’s Bible study group at the Baptist Church he attends, maybe he’d still be Fire Chief? If only he was not a strong man of Faith, courage and conviction.

Because Kasim Reed, the Mayor of Atlanta fired Kelvin after pressure from gay and lesbian activists. Can’t save people properly as Fire Chief if you’re a Christian, you know..

Compare that to the church President Obama and his family attended all those years?

Luckily, the President forgot he went there, got elected in 2008 on a platform which included traditional marriage and then evolved a few years later. Sooo, now we can purge the Christians from any positions of leadership or get them all fired from every job, unless they convert, too.

Sound familiar?

Cochran was suspended last year because of a passage he wrote in a book titled, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” The book’s theme is about biblical morality and Cochran said he referenced homosexuality on less than a half a page in the 160-page book.

“I did not single out homosexuality,” he said. ‘I simply spoke to sex being created by God for pro-creation and He intended it to be between a man and a woman in holy matrimony – and that any other sex outside of that is sin.”

The book caused heads to explode in Atlanta’s LGBT community and calls for Chief Cochran to be fired. The Mayor folded like a cheap (but fabulous) lawn chair.

“I guess they got what they asked for,” Cochran said.

Ironically, Mayor Reed posted on his official Facebook page;  “I will not tolerate discrimination of any kind within my administration.”… Unless it’s against Christianity I noticed there, Kasim old pal.

Like I said, it’s fashionable and okay in the eyes of the bigots. Don’t worry, Kelvin will turn the other cheek, Mayor… At least you won’t be shamed, fired or worse. We’re too nice.


Enjoy it while you can, bigots. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
Long fuse, big boom.

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