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Another Reason Why Black Lives Don’t Matter


We’ve been reporting on the hypocrisy of the Left and of the black community on the meme “Black Lives Don’t Matter.”

Today, we’ve got another reason, actually, THE reason why black lives don’t matter.

They don’t matter because of punks just like the one featured in the story.  And punks like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

As it happens, black lives don’t matter in the black community because thugs like these are not just tolerated, they’re idolized.  And they’re idolized not just by the people on the street, they’re elevated by so-called leaders like Barack Obama.

Until black leadership and the black community start demanding accountability within their own community, black lives aren’t going to matter to anybody.

Until black leadership and the black community actually do something about the fact that black males – about 6% of US population – account for 50% of all murders and about 40% of all violent crime, black lives aren’t going to matter to anybody.

This stuff certainly should matter to black leadership and the black community because those punks are shooting people and robbing people in our neighborhood.  90+% of the crimes committed by these thugs are committed in black neighborhoods against other blacks.

Again, when black lives start mattering to black leaders and the black community, we’ll talk about it.  Until then, they can just keep their heads down and enjoy their denial.


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