Alice Cooper: “Be careful – Satan is not a myth”

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Alice Cooper says he loves God, never wanted to become a ‘celebrity’ believer – but that; “My life is dedicated to follow Christ.”

This should get mainstream national headlines, right? The guy who sang about chopped up babies and “Welcome to my Nightmare” and all that throughout the 70’s and 80’s? Right? .. Wrong.

alice-cooperBut it’s true – Alice Cooper comes from a Christian home, has always believed in God and is a firm believer in Christ. Although he’s thought to have paved the way for acts like Marilyn Manson and other “satanic” type musicians – Cooper says his shows always had a sense of humor.

He sees his stage persona now as “the prophet of doom,” telling people: “‘Be careful! Satan is not a myth. Don’t sit around pretending like Satan is just a joke.’ I think my job is to warn about Satan.”

When alcoholism threatened his marriage, he and his wife, Sheryl, attended a church with a “hellfire pastor.” Cooper said he became a Christian “initially more out of the fear of God, rather than the love of God … I did not want to go to hell.” Interviewed for HM’s March/April issue, Cooper views his faith as “an ongoing thing.”

Alice_Cooper_-_Hell_Is“Being a Christian is something you just progress in. You learn. You go to your Bible studies. You pray,” he said.

He has avoided “celebrity Christianity,” because “it’s really easy to focus on Alice Cooper and not on Christ. I’m a rock singer. I’m nothing more than that. I’m not a philosopher. I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians. So, don’t look for answers

Cooper said in an interview that the way he answers his critics is the following: “I was one thing at one time, and I’m something new. I’m a new creature now. Don’t judge Alice by what he used to be. Praise God for what I am now.”

Can Ozzy be far away?


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