Al Sharpton Decides To Form ‘Task Force’ For The STUPIDEST Reason EVER

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Oscar nominations were released on Thursday, and immediately stirred up a crap storm of controversy over the fact that all of the nominees were white.

I know what you’re thinking, and I agree. Turning a dumb award show into a platform for fake outrage and a call for “social justice” is beyond stupid, but this is the culture we live in now.

What’s got everyone in a tizzy is that the black actor who plays Martin Luther King in the film Selma, didn’t get nominated for best actor. People started getting their panties into a wad almost immediately and even started a ridiculous #OscarSoWhite hashtag on Twitter.

Of course, everyone is ignoring the fact the film got nominated for “Best Picture.” That’s not good enough.

The whole thing has good ole Al Sharpton up in arms. So much so that he’s formed a “task force” to deal with diversity in the movie industry.

From National Action Network:

January 15, 2015 (New York, NY)— “The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling and while it is good that Selma was nominated for ‘Best Picture,’ it’s ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shutout around voting while there is a racial shutout around the Oscar nominations.

With all of the talent in Selma and other Black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history.

National Action Network (NAN) has formed a task force on the movie industry to deal with diversity as I engage in dialogue with Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal. The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets.

I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards.”

-Rev. Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network

So apparently Sharpton doesn’t have anything more constructive to do with his time or money than mess around with false cries of racism coming out of the most liberal progressive part of the country.

What just really gets me here is that these people think just because an actor played a black icon he deserves an award.

In other words, the guy should get an award because he’s black, not because he did a fantastic job playing the role. Obviously, if his performance had been better than the folks who were nominated, he’d be on the list.

Besides, isn’t showing favor to an individual based on skin color the very definition of racism?

The same people who thought Selma was a fantastic movie didn’t feel David Oyelowo–who played MLK–performed better than the others, therefore he wasn’t nominated. It’s a simple as that.

People are constantly looking for an excuse to cry “racism.” It’s gotten to the point where when I hear that phrase I tune it out and completely stop listening, because in all likelihood it’s not really racism, just another case of over sensitivity.

That’s not a good thing, folks. Racism does still exist, and it’s awful. Real cases of racism are now going to be ignored because people are going to be tired of hearing that word thrown around. It’s completely lost it’s meaning thanks to the egregious overuse it’s received from progressives.

It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

I hope one day we finally give up the desire for wimpy political correctness and start actually facing the issues of our day with an open mind instead of the constant useless chatter we keeping hearing now.

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