20-year-old Arrested For Planning to Bomb Capitol Lived in Parent’s Basement

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Ohio Man Charged in US Capitol Bomb Plot

A 20-year-old man, Christopher Lee Cornell from the Cincinnati area, is accused of ploting a bomb-and-gun attack on the US Capitol building. Christopher Lee Cornell was arrested at a gun range after buying two semiautomatic weapons and 600 rounds of ammunition.

Cornell, a big time video-gamer rarely left the safety of his parent’s basement in Cincinnati. His folks called him a “momma’s boy” and said “his best friend is his kitty cat.”

Hat tip / Washington Post:

It was the final piece in his alleged plot to build, plant and detonate bombs at the U.S. Capitol — then use firearms to finish off anyone who tried to escape. But FBI agents had been watching him for months and, moments after he purchased the weapons, the agency’s Joint Terrorism Task Force took him into custody.

During an undercover FBI investigation, Cornell had allegedly expressed support for the Islamic State, suggesting that by carrying out such an attack he would be “fulfilling the directives of violent jihadists,” according to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

“You wouldn’t think Cincinnati, Ohio, and jihadist in the same sentence,” gun store manager John Dean told WCPO-TV. “I’m just as surprised as everybody else.”

“He said, ‘Dad, you just have to let people believe in what they believe. I have my beliefs, and you just have to let people believe what they believe in,’” John Cornell told WCPO-TV.

Recently, Cornell converted to Islam, his father said, explaining that he first noticed his son praying about two months ago. Since then, his son has “found peace in the religion,” he told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Everything you’re hearing in the media right now, they’ve already painted him as some kind of terrorist,” John Cornell said. “They’ve painted him as some kind of jihadist. … [Christopher] is one of the most peace-loving people I know.”

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