12-Year-Old Republican Leader Urges: Rise up Milennials

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We reported last week on a 12-year-old phenom out of Georgia – name of CJ Pearson – and it was one of the most read and shared articles we’ve ever ran!

So I asked CJ if he had a message this week he’d like to get out and I hardly had a chance to take a sip of coffee when CJ fired back something he wants everyone – especially “Milennials” – to read and not forget.

Here ‘ya go – and thanks CJ – hope this won’t be your last. Reprinted with permission:

Lots of different issues mean lots of different things to lots of different people, but what truly matters to Millennials?

The struggle to find a job after college? Student Loans? Youth Unemployment? All these issues have hit our generation extremely hard, and it’s time we rise up and fight for solutions to these very important issues. We can’t continue to be bystanders if we want change, we must fight for that change! 

CJ Pearson is challenging age barriers that keep his peers out of politics.(Photo: Jon-Michael Sullivan/OZY)I’m 12 years old and have worked on half a dozen campaigns, founded my very own political organization, and have been more politically involved than some adults. Why?

Democracy isn’t passive, it takes active citizens, on both sides of the aisle, to ensure productivity in our country. If you sit on the sidelines, you’re not apart of the solution, but you’re simply the problem.

So young people, make your voice heard! I am a huge indication that age doesn’t matter in politics, but it’s simply the drive and dedication to make a difference in our government. We all want results, we all want solutions to our issues, so it’s imperative we become involved in the political process to ensure we receive just that.

Write your legislators, have meetings with your elected officials, maybe even join a civics organization, it truly doesn’t take much! Have you ever heard the saying, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain? I’m sure most of us have. In 2014, only 21.3% of Milennials even bothered to show up to the polls. That’s simply outrageous!

I’m sure we all have opinions and views on how our government should be ran and voting is the easiest way to voice the views. Milennials, it’s time we take a stand, just like MLK did, just like our founding fathers did — CJ Pearson

Good news: CJ is going to be our guest on “Conover U” – the wildly popular radio show this Thursday night – you will not want to miss this well-spoken young man who has been politically active since he was 8. Follow CJ on Twitter!

Join me, Rodney Lee Conover, Joe the Plumber and Scott “The Preacher” Osborn as we take a (sometimes comedic, sometimes serious) look at politics, current events, the state of the Union, and the current climate between establishment politics and the grassroots, and all the issues of the day!

Call in (347) 205-9620 – this Thursday, 5PM Pacific / 8PM EST and 7 PM over at Scott’s house in Texas. (CLICK HERE for more details)

CJ Pearson is pro-life, believes in limited government, and is fiscally conservative. He wants to abolish the IRS. He describes the corporate tax rate as “crippling” and “inexcusable” and is for the complete elimination of the state minimum wage. He’s also 12.

Read more at https://joeforamerica.com/2015/01/meet-die-hard-black-republican-since-age-8-years-old-now-hes-12-will-blow/

CJ also founded Young Geor­gians in Government and serves as executive director. YGG’s cause is to lower the age restriction to be elected to the  House to 18 as well as lower it to  21 in the Senate in his home state of Georgia. CJ is ready to run!

To read even more about CJ, be sure to see Nick Fouriezos‘ post in USA Today/OZY

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