Workplace Violence Erupts in Sydney Australia

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Workplace violence is erupting all over the world.  While it seems to be the most prevalent in places like Syria and Iraq, it’s becoming more common all over the world.  It seems to be a major export of countries that have one thing in common, they’re Muslim.

Yesterday in Sydney Australia, workplace violence erupted in a chocolate shop of all places.  A fifty year old man walked into a chocolate shop and pulled out a shotgun – Australia is a gun free zone, by the way – and took 13 people hostage.  At one point he had them hold a flag up at the window.  You can see the bottom of the flag here.

We’ll let you guess as to what the scrolly letters might me at the bottom of the flag.

The authorities went out of their way to note that while the hostage taker happened to be a Muslim there was no reason to jump to the conclusion that he might be a terrorist.

[New South Wales deputy commissioner, Catherine]Burn said the motivations of the gunman are still not known.

It would not be good to speculate, but we have setup our protocols. So at the moment we have activated our investigators and our intelligence officers so we now have numerous police who are working on establishing who this person is and what those motives might be.

The standoff was ended this morning when police stormed the shop and freed the hostages, apparently three people were killed including the hostage taker terrorist.

The really interesting part of this story is why in the world the now dead terrorist was even on the street.  He was very well known to the authorities.

The gunman is Man Haron Monis, a 50-year-old Iranian charged with being an accessory to murder, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The self-styled cleric has also been charged with more than 50 counts of indecent and sexual assault and is currently on bail, the newspaper said.

This little bundle of peace and goodwill, Mr. Monis, was also convicted of sending hate mail to the families of Australian soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.


Why in the world was a guy charged with accessory to murder – his wife was stabbed and then lit on fire – and charged with over 50 counts of sexual assault still on the street?

Needless to say the Muslim apologists are hollering full-throated reasons why this is not terrorism, why this is not representative of the Muslim community, on-and-on.  They even set up a hashtag so Twitter users could support Muslims.  Who do they think they are?  The White House or the US State Department?  After all, our whole foreign policy has been based on hashtags for the last six years.

The sad part of this whole episode is that it’s simply another opportunity for Muslim enablers to hone their art.  Muslims have been butchering and enslaving their neighbors for 1,400 years.  Some of us seem to be dumb enough to think they’re going to change.

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