Wonder If This Guy Will, Ahem, Beat This Rap


NBC10 in Philadelphia reports a very busy evening for one frisky adventurer.

When he’s out of the hospital, he’ll be going to jail, facing an array of brand spanking new charges that include burglary, assault, public lewdness and possibly dog-naping.

get_gripAfter being alerted by her barking dogs, a woman in a second-floor apartment first noticed a man on her outside deck at about 8:40 pm, with a firm grip on his, um, situation. Alarmed, she fled for a neighbor’s apartment. Meanwhile, the stiff fellow broke into her apartment, grabbed one of dogs, and jumped out a second-floor window. Apparently still not satisfied, he then broke into a first-floor apartment. He attacked those occupants, one of whom eventually produced a pistol and shot him twice. He was still fighting with them when the police arrived, whom he also fought. He wasn’t gonna play second banana to anyone, it seems. Gotta hand it to this guy, he sure knows how to have a good time.

You get the feeling the cops won’t have to beat a confession out of him.

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