Women Don’t Lie About Rape!

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At least that’s what the feminists say.  If a woman says she was “raped” that’s all the “proof” that’s needed and if you question that, well, you’re just supporting the “rape culture.”

Full disclosure, we don’t think there’s a punishment severe enough for rape.  It used to carry the death penalty and maybe it should again.  We’d also support a false rape charge carrying the same penalty as the offense.

College campuses are a hotbed of rape and sexual assault.  The campus activists howl from the rooftops that one-in-five women is raped and the Obama administration supports that claim.  It’s a lie.  In fact the one-in-five number comes from an internet survey at one campus, the questions were vague, and the “researchers” got to interpret the answers.  If internet surveys were accurate, Ron Paul would be President.

In fact, according to the latest Department of Justice statistics, the violent crime rate has been falling like a rock for two decades and rape is dropping as well.  On a national basis, 73 out of 100,000 women are raped every year.  On college campuses, again, according to Eric Holder’s DoJ, 63 out of 100,000 women are raped.  that’s a real statistic of 0.63% not 20% the feminists and the Obama administration are trying to sell us.

You’re familiar with “Jackie’s story,” the girl who said she was gang raped at a University of Virginia fraternity party two years ago.  She said she didn’t report it at the time because her friends were worried they’d never be invited to a frat party if she reported it.  As you might guess, it turns out the story, printed in Rolling Stone, is a lie.  Start to finish.

But it’s unusual, right?  Not so much.  The Daily Caller did a little research and came up with eight rape accusations that got major national press that all turned out to be lies.

Morgan Triplett.

In February 2013, Morgan Triplett, 20, visited the University of California, Santa Cruz for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender conference. While there, she claimed that she had been raped in broad daylight on the Santa Cruz campus.Triplett’s story was a hoax. The bizarre truth is that she successfully used Craigslist to locate a stranger who agreed to beat her up in exchange for sex. In a failed ad, which found no takers, sought somebody to shoot her in the shoulder. A second ad, seeking someone willing to “punch, kick and bruise her” panned out.

Triplett met her unnamed mangler in Santa Cruz. He beat her up. They had sex. She used a cellphone screen reflection as a mirror to see if the injuries were sufficient. She then directed him to pummel her some more.

With fresh bruises to substantiate her sick tale, Triplett then informed 911 that a mysterious assailant had raped and battered her while she was walking on a path looking for banana slugs — the UCSC mascot.

Desiree Nall.  In November 2004, Desiree Nall, a student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. told police that two men raped her in a bathroom on campus. Nall was the president of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women and it was during Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

The allegations caused police to warn student at the tiny school to stay inside as much as possible to avoid a team of rapists on the loose.

Police became skeptical of Nall’s claims after she couldn’t keep her story straight and was unable to provide descriptions of the two men, according to Fox News.

Also, an examination of Nall at a sexual assault treatment center showed no evidence of any sexual assault.

Nall, 23, eventually recanted her fake rape allegations. Police suggested that Nall could have been attempting to “make a statement” about sexual assault.

Local police ultimately spent $50,000 investigating Nall’s imaginary claims.

After the hoax was exposed, Nall was charged for making a false statement to police. Her husband defended her. He said cops targeted her not because of her lies but because “she is a women’s-rights activist.”

That’s just two, you can read about the rest by following the link.

Rape is the latest cause celeb of the far left.  They’re in the process of redefining terms of law like “rape” and “sexual assault” to mean just about anything.  On many college campuses if a woman “feels uncomfortable” it’s classified as sexual assault and the accuser’s male victim is not allowed due process.  The woman’s feelings are all that are needed to press charges and convene a campus tribunal.  The man is not allowed an attorney, he is not allowed to cross examine his accuser.  He is found guilty and is subject to punishment up to and including expulsion and having a sexual assault charge – that is never reviewed by police – on his college record.

The tide on this travesty may be turning because men are beginning to sue universities that follow this Spanish Inquisition set of rules.  They’re suing the schools and they’re winning.

If you’ve got son going off to college you should be very concerned.  His college experience may not turn out to be what you all expected.

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