Woman Showed THESE While Walking In An Islamic Country, Muslims Are Freaking Out

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Apparently all it takes to cause a ruckus in Kabul, Afghanistan is for a young lady to show a little leg.

And I’m not kidding. The gal in question only showed a tiny bit of bare leg, and the entire Muslim community in Kabul–pretty much everyone who lives there–is horrified and throwing an absolute hissy-fit over it.

This is why they can’t have nice things.

From IJReview:

On a recent afternoon, a woman walked down the street wearing a skirt.

In most parts of the world, that wouldn’t be news. But this particular case took place in Kabul, Afghanistan — a city known for its strict adherence to Islamic customs, despite the United States liberating it from the Taliban over a decade ago.

The bare-legged woman has caused a media circus in Kabul and has everyone on the street talking. Many native Afghanis in the city have never seen anything like this.

Hayat Ensafi, a local journalist in Kabul, captures photos of the woman because of the sheer novelty of it. He told the BBC:

“I was shocked. I knew I had to catch this special moment because I never saw a woman here walking down the streets like this.”



Yes, this woman wearing a skirt was the talk of the town. Hey, what do you expect from a country that enforces tyrannical and oppressive laws–cough, Sharia, cough, cough–and has been locked in the Stone Age for centuries?

For some reason, even folks on Twitter were astounded by the sudden appearance of a woman’s bare calves and knees.




It amazes me how such an action–wearing a skirt–is so controversial, so ground breaking and earth-shattering that it’s literally making Muslims in Kabul lose their ever-loving minds.

As a religious man, I’m all for girls exercising modesty in their appearance. However, I don’t think that anyone’s idea of what it means to be modestly dressed should be legislated and someone’s freedom oppressed. That’s just nuts!

If Muslims truly believed their religion was pure truth, why do they feel the need to force everyone to comply with their standards? Shouldn’t true faith be something that produces inward heart change and then manifests itself in outward works? Just food for thought.

Unfortunately, radicals don’t understand how to win hearts and minds on the battlefield of ideas. They only know death and destruction, which is what makes it necessary for incidents like this one to take place in order to change their back water culture.

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