Will Republicans in Texas Roll Back 140-year Ban on Open Carry? [VIDEO]

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Texas is one of the few states with an outright ban on the open carry of handguns. What? That’s right..

That could change in 2015, with the Republican-dominated Legislature and Gov.-elect Greg Abbott expected to push for expanded gun rights.

“If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for the state of Texas,” Abbott said the day after his election last month. And if Texas, which allows concealed handguns, embraces open carry ? rolling back a 140-year ban ? it would be the largest state to have done so.

Texas allows the public display of long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, and open carry advocates have staged high-profile rallies at the Alamo and state Capitol. Concealed handguns are allowed inside the Capitol, where license holders can bypass metal detectors.

But Texas still insists handguns be kept out of sight.

Texas first banned the carrying of handguns “when the carpet-bagger government was very anxious about former Confederates and recently freed slaves carrying firearms,” state Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said.

Criminals usually conceal their guns, right?

Are the open carry people going to be suspicious of people who don’t open carry because they might be a criminal with their gun hidden?

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