Where’s Jesse Jackson? Well, He’s Not in St. Louis


More racial tension in St Louis, a man was killed by three young people who beat him to death with hammers. You won’t be seeing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or President Obama calling for “justice” however.

The man, Zemir Begic, was a Bosnian immigrant, a legal immigrant by the way, and he was apparently beaten to death in retaliation for the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of a black man who assaulted him and tried to take his gun.  As a Bosnian, Begic is white.

Here’s the report from the Associated Press.

So the St. Louis police have concluded, immediately, that the murder had nothing to do with the fact that Begic is Bosnian or white.  That’s an interesting conclusion, given that several of the attackers are three blacks and a hispanic.

And then there’s this video shot by a bystander at the scene.

Apparently, according to the woman who took this cell phone video, people were running up and down the street screaming “Eff the white people, kill the white people.”

You can move on, there’s nothing to see here, just a dead Bosnian who decided to defend his property when it was attacked by rioters.  We’re confident that Eric Holder will take the word of the St. Louis police officer and there won’t be a “civil rights” investigation by the Department of Racial Justice, and Jesse and Al won’t be eulogizing at Begic’s funeral.  They’ll be too busy raising bail money for “youths.”

Please note, he didn’t have a gun.  We’re pretty sure that this would have turned out differently had Begic been carrying a gun.

Of course, then it would have been a “racial thing” and The Revs would be all over the continuing racial violence directed against peaceful unarmed black kids.  Well, except for the hammers.

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