Union Worker Comes Up Against Anita Moncrief: Big Mistake!

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November was a bad month for Democrats and it has carried on to December. The huge loss by Mary Landreiu in Louisiana was definitely a blow , leaving the deep south with no Democrat senators. In the run-up to the run-off election, the atmosphere hit a low when a union thug attacked ACORN whistle-blower and activist, Anita MonCrief, telling her that she needed to “go down on Bill” Cassidy, Landreiu’s opponent . As Mr. Cassidy (R) is now, senator elect, I guess they had reason to be a bit edgy!

As reported in the Washington Times, “A union worker began to speak with Ms. MonCrief and told her she should go “go down on Bill,” in reference to Cassidy. Ms. MonCrief addressed the union worker and said she was offended, but he proceeded to deny the remark and moved close to her in an attempt to intimidate her.”
Although he tried to cover his tracks later on, it was all caught on video and released by the Black Conservative Fund:

The lack of character by those on the far left never ceases to amaze me. Not that some conservatives can’t be obnoxious, but the vitriol waged by those on the left just seems to wax worse and worse. Ms. MonCrief, only out to support her candidate, handled the situation with class and dignity.

You might remember Anita MonCrief, a young black female attorney, who with the help of the late Andrew Breitbart, blew the whistle on ACORN’s rampant voter fraud in 2008. Since that time, she has become an outspoken conservative advocate, speaking all over the nation. She is a Senior Advisor at True the Vote and is the Editor-in-Chief of Emerging Corruption. She is now a vital component of the newly established Black conservatives Fund, a political action committee committed to turning out the black vote and electing black conservatives at every level of government.



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