Two Bad Guys Attack Elderly Man With Ax Handle, But They Weren’t Prepared For What Happened Next

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Two men decided to break into an elderly man’s home and bash him over the head with an ax handle, but the Second Amendment saved the day.

In other words, one of the bad guys went home with a few more holes than he came in with, if you get what I’m saying.

From TheBlaze:

Police believe the two suspects, identified as 42-year-old Robert West and Andrew Graseck, 18, cut the power to the victim’s home and then knocked on his door. When he went to investigate, one of the suspects attacked him, according to the police report obtained by WPXI-TV.

After reportedly getting bashed over the head with the handle of an ax, the homeowner fired several shots, fatally striking West. Graseck then retreated to a neighbor’s house and asked the person to dial 911. The 18-year-old was subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and criminal attempt.

Investigators believe the situation was caused by a bad business dispute.

Fortunately, the victim was left with just a few stitches for his head wound and was otherwise in good shape.

There’s little doubt these hooligans would’ve beat this man to death if he hadn’t been armed, which is one more reason why we need to protect our Second Amendment rights to own a firearm.

We live in a world full of sinful, wicked, and downright crazy individuals, and the police aren’t much protection due to slow reaction times. This means security is our responsibility as citizens, and the best means of protection is a gun.

I bet if you asked this elderly gentleman what he thinks of gun control, he’d likely give you a good cussing out.

Bottom line: guns save lives.


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