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Three Blacks in St. Louis Pull White Woman From Car and Beat Her


A 26-year-old white woman in a St. Louis neighborhood has been pulled from her vehicle by three gun and crowbar-weilding black thugs – then kicked and beaten.

beatingIs this a hate crime? I don’t know, maybe we should get Al Sharpton, or perhaps Eric Holder on the phone? You think the race-baiters are already on the case?

From the Police Report:

… a woman was driving on the 4600 block of Lansdowne (in St. Louis) when three black males in their late-teens to early-20s stepped in front of her vehicle.

When the woman tried to drive around them, the suspects reportedly pulled out a firearm, so she stopped the car. After hitting her windshield with a crowbar, the suspects pulled the woman from her car, threw her on the ground and kicked her.

A suspect grabbed her purse, searched it, and told the others it was empty. All three suspects then fled the scene.

As of now, officers are investigating this incident as a “bias crime” based on the victim’s account of the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

Brace yourselves for the whites in the area to riot and loot their own stores.. that was sarcasm in case you didn’t get it.


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