This is What a Peaceful Protest in New York City Looks Like

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There was a protest in New York City over the death of Eric Garner, a black man who was illegally selling individual cigarettes.  Police moved to arrest Garner, he resisted, was put into a choke hold to subdue him, and he died as a result.

We here at Curmudgeon Central view Garner’s death in a different light than the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.  The latter two “unarmed teenagers,” one killed in self-defense by a neighborhood watch volunteer and one killed while he assaulted a police officer, were thugs in the process of committing attempted murder.  Garner was breaking one of former Mayor Bloomberg’s nanny laws relating to the sales of individual cigarettes, basically evading the outrageous sin tax that New York City places on cigarettes.

We’re not going to address the specifics of their deaths, rather, we’re looking at the response from the progressive, and largely black, community.  Specifically we’re looking at the demonstration that took place in New York City, home of Garner’s death, and the latest grand jury to refuse to indict the police officer who killed him.

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the marchers that sets the tone for things to come.

And here’s video of the march.  If you had any doubt in your mind where these people believe and what they stand for, this should take care of that.

Any questions?

Well, we actually have two questions.  When can we expect President Obama to stand up and condemn these people?  Will Eric Holder be sending FBI agents and attorneys from the Department of Justice to investigate these death threats?


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