The Coming Race War

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This should not be a national story, or a story at all, the day before we celebrate the birth of our savior, but it is.  It’s looking more and more like we’re facing a race war in the US and another skirmish started today.

So, just outside Ferguson, MO, an ARMED 18 year old black male pulls a gun on a cop making routine rounds.  The cop shoots him, the gun-toting bad guy dies.

Result:  black community riots.

We will note that it appears we’re at least making some progress in the local news reporting of this event.

After a police officer who was “fearing for his life” shot and killed an 18-year-old who was brandishing a pistol at him on Tuesday evening…

At least, up to this point anyway, the media isn’t calling this thug a “teenager.”  On the other hand, the neighborhood is still reacting as expected.

…protesters reportedly brought bags of rocks, smashed police cars, hurled explosives and bricks at and assaulted police officers on the scene.

On the positive side, it looks like Berkeley has an adult for a mayor.

Mayor Hoskins opened his news conference this morning by extending his condolences to the family of the slain man. He also expressed concern about the police officer who fired the shot that killed him.

“It’s difficult,” Hoskins said of the impact of taking a life. “So we need to all put our arms around the police officer.”

Saying that he had watched the video of the incident, Hoskins sought to dispel the idea that the case was similar to recent controversial killings of black men by white police officers.

“It’s not what people portray,” he said, going on to say that the police officer did not “go off half-cocked.”


It will be interesting to see if this shooting gets traction with the Racism Industry.  Will Al Sharpton show up?  Will Eric Holder make an appearance?  Will Barack Obama suddenly find another son?

One thing in favor of this quieting down is that the mayor is black.  The mayor, unlike Red Bill de Blasio in New York City, has a brain and a heart.  Another is that Christmas looting shopping should be done.

We’re sure this certainly won’t be the last shooting by a white cop of a black criminal.  We’re also sure that the thug community isn’t done rioting over the shrinking of their numbers.

There’s one thing in all of this that is a complete mystery to us old Curmudgeons.  Why in the world does the black community pick the worst possible people to set up as icons and overlook people who are sympathetic?  Here’s a quick analysis.

  • Trayvon Martin.  Thug, gangsta-wannabe, had a juvenile record for theft and thuggish behavior.  Attacked a neighborhood watch volunteer and was bashing his head into the pavement when he was shot in self defense.  An all female jury with not whites found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting.
  • Michael Brown.  Thug, gangsta-wannabe, had an adult arrest for theft and assault, had just been involved in theft and assault of a store owner, attacked a cop, tried to take his gun away from him, resisted arrest, fled the scene, turned around and charged the cop, and was killed in self defense.  That version of the story is supported by physical evidence and at least half-dozen black witnesses who testified before the grand jury.  The alternate version that had the cop “murdering” him had several witnesses who also testified, and their stories were all shown to be lies.
  • Eric Garner.  Thug, he’d been arrested over 30 times.  Eight of those arrests were on the same street corner as his final arrest, and for selling “loosies,” the same thing he was being arrested for this time.  For some reason he chose to resist arrest and was subdued by police using a choke hold.  He later died of a heart attack and the police were not charged by a grand jury.

These guys are now seen as “heroes” in the black / victim community.

On the other hand, there’s John Crawford.  He was carrying an air rifle in a Walmart store in Ohio, intending to purchase it.  Police apparently got a “man with a gun” call from another shopper, came into the story and shot Crawford.  According to other shoppers he wasn’t threatening anyone, he was on the phone with his girlfriend when he was killed, there was no scuffle, no resisting arrest, and his last words apparently were “it’s not a real gun” to the police who shot him.  Crawford doesn’t appear to have had any kind of police record.

We hear no outrage from the people who are promoting the Thug Three as good citizens, murdered by cops.  If you’ve got a bone to pick about bad shootings by cops, Crawford would be your victim.  As in real victim.  But all we hear are crickets.

We also hear nothing about the roughly 200 blacks who’ve been murdered in Chicago just since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson in August.  Of the 200 blacks murdered in Chicago, and many of those have been children and ordinary citizens just caught in the crossfire, about 190 of those were killed by black thugs.  People like Martin, Brown, and Garner.  We suspect the reason you haven’t heard a peep about 15 year old Demario Bailey is because he was murdered by a group of thugs who were trying to steal his coat.

So, is a race war on the way?  Based on what we’re seeing and the response, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see something that will make 1967 Detroit look like a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.


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