Sony Hack Should Scare You to Death

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The release of email conversations and other private information of people working at and with Sony Pictures has been a great thing for Americans wanting a laugh at Hollywood’s expense.

Stop laughing.

Emails clearly exposing some executives as contemptuous at best and bigoted, spiteful egomaniacs at worst are horribly shocking I’m sure, to those with egg on their faces – and perhaps their careers hanging in the balance.

sonyBut Americans should be frightened.

Instead of sitting around gossiping and feeling giddy that some rich and famous people, used to getting their ass kissed are actually despised behind their backs – you should be thinking about your exit strategy.

Be scared.

Especially fun-packed were the email exchanges between on their way to meeting with Barack Obama where they mock the President’s race and have a bigoted back and forth so casual, it surely is only one of many.

But it’s not fun. It’s horrific.

Do I say this because the hackers are now threatening to blow up movie theaters which screen Seth Rogen and James Franco’s North Korean comedy “The Interview”? Nope.

Is it because even private conversation will be muzzled and subject to politically-correct rules now that everyone will be scared of speaking freely anywhere? Uh-uh.


Maybe it’s because even a dopey country like North Korea is actually so powerful as to affect our Capitalist system whenever they don’t like what American companies, people or politicians say about them?

Not that either.

Here’s why we all should recoil at this invasion of digital privacy, extortion and threats of murder: Because the SONY hacks are all the proof we need that allowing government to collect private data logically ends at the removal of you from your freedoms.

guardians-galaxy-cassette-player-sony-walkmanAnybody who thinks private information in the hands of people desiring power won’t be abused in order to attain that power is a fool. End of story.

A simple thing like some broad comedy not being released and a few racist liberals being exposed for what they are is a drop in the ocean compared to what’s coming. But the SONY hack foreshadows what can will happen when hi-tech folks get motivated.

They slow bleed you, first with the threat of embarrassing information being disseminated. when that doesn’t work – it’s time to pull out the stuff that begins to hurt: Social Security numbers, health records, some revealing emails..

And if you don’t do what exactly what they say, such as; rethink that idea of running for that office; maybe not try so hard in that next game; or pull that film and stop picking on our political leaders – it gets worse.

They’ll threaten your politics, your family, business, livelihood, your reputation and then your life until they get what they want: More power.

And unlike the SONY hack, it can all happen in private – out of the limelight. Where no one knows, but you and your lost freedoms.

You may have guessed I’m not talking about “The Guardians of Peace,” or anyone else involved in the ongoing SONY drama.

Right now, as we speak, your government can – and notice I’m not saying “is” – .can: Record and store every phone call you make, they can capture your emails, texts, social network posts and can track you five steps outside of your front door.

If you believe that information isn’t sitting there just waiting to be used, you’re beyond hope.

This is the same government that routinely used the power of Federal agencies to deny civil rights to Americans using keywords and political affiliation. A government that uses any crisis to concentrate power by un-Constitutional means.

Yes, it’s ironic and downright funny that liberal Hollywood types are being threatened and exposed as the greedy, hypocritical bigots they are – but not that funny. If they don’t release this film wide and people don’t go to theaters out of fear – it’s all the proof anyone needs that indeed, information is power.

Stop yourself.

DISCLAIMER: North Korea says it’s not them, but they support the effort. This one time I believe them.

In the face of the latest, escalating threats from the anonymous cyberhackers, citing 9/11, Sony Pictures is moving forward with plans for a New York premiere screening of The Interview on Thursday at the Sunshine Cinema.

According to one source with knowledge of the premiere, the event is currently going on as planned. However, there is a possibility the location of the screening could be changed at the last moment out of security concerns, in which case guests would be notified shortly before the event.

A Los Angeles screening for the film was held on Dec. 11 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown L.A.. While the studio beefed up security for that event, it went off without incident.

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