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Soldier Surprises Daughters Dressed As Santa, Their Response Is Pure GOLD


Our men and women in uniform sacrifice more than we could possibly imagine in order to keep our nation and way of life safe from those who want nothing more than to destroy our freedom.

This often means long stretches of time away from family and loved ones, which can take its toll on both soldiers and those they care about.

Two special little girls, who were no doubt missing their daddy–who was serving our country in Korea–got the surprise of a lifetime when they were greeted by their pops disguised as Santa.

Have a few tissues handy.

From WLTX:

Captain Josh Rsher returned home Wednesday after a year long deployment in Korea. Both his daughters Kristy and Kaylee go to Windsor Elementary School.

During the school’s Christmas assembly, Captain Risher was disguised as Santa and went up to his daughters after the school’s play was over and surprised them.

“This is great,” Risher said. “Just the look on their faces was worth everything.”

Who doesn’t love stories like this?

This soldier just created a memory his children will remember–and cherish–for the rest of their lives.

All Americans should take a few moments in the midst of their holiday celebrations and think on all of the awesome men and women who are serving in the military overseas, away from their families and say a little prayer–or just a few words of thanks–for their sacrifice to keep us safe.


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