SICK: You’ll Never Believe What This Pastor With AIDS Is Trying To Do After Having Sex With Church Members

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There are some seriously sick people in the world. Just when you think you’ve seen the sickest, grossest mankind has to offer, some poor schlep comes along and takes things to a whole new level.

Here’s a good example to illustrate my point. A pastor in Alabama contracted AIDS, slept with members of his congregation without telling them he was infected, and is now trying to fight to keep his job in court.

You can’t make this lunacy up, people.

Via Daily Mail:

 An Alabama minister who confessed to having sex with church members without telling them he had AIDS is fighting through the courts to keep his job.

Circuit Judge Charles Price yesterday said he will rule within a week on whether Reverend Juan McFarland can return to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery or whether a temporary ban from the church will become permanent.

McFarland’s attorney argued that the church approved bylaws in January 2013 giving the pastor his job for life. He said a vote that decided to ban McFarland from the church in October was improper.

An attorney for the church’s deacons and trustees argued that McFarland pushed through the 2013 bylaws improperly and that the October vote was valid.

McFarland had served the church for 23 years before he confessed to his congregation that he suffered from AIDS.

I don’t think I possess enough words in my vocabulary to explain how completely, totally, utterly, wrong and disgusting this dude really is.

First off, anyone who claims to be a pastor shouldn’t be having affairs and sleeping with church members, regardless of what STDs the moonbat might be carrying around.

Secondly, how has this guy been able to sleep at night knowing he might have basically killed attendees of his own church by giving them AIDS? A person has to be pretty evil to live with that and not break a sweat.

Thirdly, this guy has to be certifiably insane to think he’d be able to continue being a pastor after the egregious acts he committed, some of which might actually be criminal, such as not disclosing his AIDS diagnosis to folks he was sleeping with.

Is it any wonder our nation is in the shape its in when its “spiritual leaders” are as corrupt and vile as this nutjob?


Boy, this country sure needs a lot of prayer!

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