Rich White Capitalist Running the Black Boycott of Capitalism in Ferguson

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Meet Michael Lott: A very wealthy white American who knows an opportunity when he sees it. In between jet-setting and partying in Barcelona and London; hanging out on the beaches of Malibu, Jamaica and France and making money in this fine Capitalist system – Lott apparently came up with a new idea!

Why not make a few bucks exploiting the blacks who are rioting in Ferguson? Everybody else is, right?

commie fergusonMaybe you’ve heard of the anti-Capitalist movement sprung out of the streets of Ferguson? Perhaps you’ve seen the images of Communist groups rallying the disafected to consider “smashing the racist police!”?

Well, you’re going to love this: There’s a new thing called; “The Campaign for BlackOut for Human Rights” and it’s designed to rile up the emotions of African Americans concerned with race in America. “United Blackout” is the organization behind it… but..

The guy in charge – the marketing director for “United Blackout”? Michael Lott. White, rich Capitalist and loving it!

Let’s meet him, shall we?

Hat tip: Got News By Shannon Knutsen

There’s a white, rich dude running the black boycott capitalism movement known as United Blackout.

His name is Michael Latt and he is the marketing director of United Blackout.

“Control how Black money is spent and you win the game,” says United Blackout’s campaign video. And Latt seeks to deliver.

Latt’s clearly following United Blackout’s advice.

He lives the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous on his Facebook page.

Latt 3Latt 2

Latt developed the branding and marketing strategy and is the brains behind the website for the BlackOut for Human Rights campaign intended to encourage African Americans to boycott capitalism.

Michael Latt, seems far removed from poor, urban America.

Latt’s Facebook page is littered with images of “white privilege”… Hanging at the pool in Malibu, on the beach in Jamaica and France, clubbing and pubbing in London, Madrid, and Barcelona…

Latt 9Latt 10




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