Red Bill de Blasio Running for Dog Catcher

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Red Bill de Blasio is arguably the most “progressive” mayor in the US.  His politics are so far to the left they’d make Barack Obama blush.  He’s a bought and paid for union supporter, at war with charter schools, things $15 an hour is just a starting point for a minimum wage, is a supporter of increasing cash payments to welfare recipients, never met a tax increase he didn’t think should be bigger, and thinks that the NYPD is a fundamentally racist organization.  For starters.

Red Bill got about 70% of the vote in NYC when he was elected mayor two years ago.

Red Bill also may have crossed some sort of line that he may not be able to recross, even in New York City.

The first thing he did was when he took on the NYC cops and their “Stop & Frisk” policy that turned NYC from a sewer during the administration of David Dinkins, NYC’s first black mayor to one of the safest big cities in the world.  NYC cops stopped more blacks than whites and de Blasio, along with the Racist Industry spokesmen, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, insisted the policy was racist and that NYC cops were racist.  De Blasio stopped the policy and in doing so, left a very bitter taste in the mouths of NYC’s cops.

Next up, the death of Michael Brown and the subsequent death, on Staten Island, of Eric Garner.

De Blasio used his platform as mayor of the nation’s largest city to accuse cops everywhere, but especially NYC, of being racist.

Determined not to let a crisis go to waste, the mayor has spent the last two days cranking up the volume and the vitriol of his anti-cop agenda. Predictably, he trots out his son, Dante, to put a personal spin on police-black relations, saying he is fearful the biracial teen will end up in a confrontation with a cop.

Imagine that. The city is in turmoil over the Staten Island case and the mayor throws gasoline on the fire by painting the entire police force as a bunch of white racist brutes.

That was just three weeks ago.

The cops in NYC didn’t take that lying down.  They sent letters to the mayor letting him know that in the event of their death in the line of duty, he was not invited to speak at their funeral.  Little did they know that not two weeks later they’d have the unfortunate opportunity to see just what Red Bill would do when a cop, two of them in fact, were butchered in cold blood by reported member of the Black Guerrilla Family who also happens to be a new Muslim convert.

When Red Bill showed up at the hospital where the dead cops had been taken, officers lining the hallways turned their backs on him.

It’s going to be interesting to see if de Blasio tries to force his way into the funerals of the fallen officers and what the police union and the families will do if, when, he tries.

But that’s not the end of the story.

One of the groups that heralded de Blasio’s election and looked forward to a progressive renaissance as a result was  These guys are no friends of cops, no friends of “law & order,” no friends of people who challenge the progressive agenda.  They can be counted on to support about any position taken by The Revs and Red Bill de Blasio. is hosting a petition seeking de Blasio’s removal as Mayor.

The interesting part of this is that it’s become a “blue-on-blue” war.  There are apparently segments of the MoveOn community who support Red Bill, for obvious reasons, and they’re squabbling the folks who can remember NYC’s last foray in electing a politically correct mayor, David Dinkins.

This will be playing out in the headlines over the next two or three weeks.  We wish Red Bill and his progressive allies a big lump of coal.

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