Reba McEntire’s Latest Tweet Is Guaranteed To Make Liberals Foam At The Mouth

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Liberal trolls have been having a field day reacting to former President George H.W. Bush’s latest hospitalization.

Yes, these disgusting nutjobs came out of the woodwork to pick on a sick old man, once again proving that liberalism and class are like oil and water.

Thankfully, famous country singer Reba McEntire isn’t drinking the progressive “kool-aid,” taking to Twitter to send positive thoughts and well wishes for Bush’s recovery.

Somewhere, a liberal is throwing a massive toddler-like temper tantrum complete with a 360 degree head rotation and spewing of pea soup.

From TPNN:

Former President George H.W. Bush, who is the oldest living president, has been in a Houston hospital since Tuesday when he had breathing problems. After spending Christmas day in the hospital under doctor’s supervision, country music star legend Reba McEntire sent out a tweet that is sure to infuriate the left.


More than likely liberals have already sent her a ton of hate mail and other ridiculous sentiments, but what do you expect from the warped minds of individuals who think it’s wrong for a police officer to defend himself against violent aggressors?

What progressives seem to need most are lessons in human decency, because it’s obvious this was a class they skipped growing up–or their parents were absentee couch potatoes who didn’t instill this critical value into their children from an early age.


Perhaps they should pay close attention to McEntire’s response to the situation and take a few notes on how a real life grown up responds to the misfortune of others. They’re probably shocked that such a response doesn’t involve four-letter words or calls for someone’s death.

In other words liberals, grow up.

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