What This Racist On Twitter Wants To Happen To “White Babies” Is INFURIATING

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America is once again torn down the middle over the issue of race, thanks in large part to the efforts of race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their chief of operations, Barack Obama.

These buffoons continue to condone racially charged protests and feed the fires of civil unrest with racist rhetoric designed to whip folks up into a frenzy so they’ll keep burning their cities to the ground and killing cops at will.

What these less-than-intelligent human beings are doing is creating a whole new generation of racists, and contrary to the malarkey they keep feeding people through the mainstream media, not all of them are white.

Here’s a fine example of what I’m talking about.

From Weasel Zippers:




Well, tell us how you really feel, “Leak.”

Where are all of those “racial equality” crusaders now? I don’t see them decrying this kind of behavior. Instead, they typically make excuses for dolts like this, which says to me and most common sense Americans, “Racism is okay as along as you aren’t white.”

Hate to tell you, “Leak,” but your racist garbage is pitiful, disgusting, and despicable, and so is your attitude.

Racism is stupid, regardless of whether the person engaging in the nonsense is white, black, or purple with pink stripes.

Also, I don’t know if this fine gentleman on Twitter has ever had this thought–highly unlikely as that would require active brain cells–but isn’t it ironic that a man posts racist rants while complaining about racism?

How low do you have to be to start attacking babies to make a point? It’s scummy to say the least.

Perhaps one day this guy will get a clue–doubt it–and realize he’s acting like a moron and doing massive damage to the cause he supposedly stands for, Maybe in light of this earth shattering revelation–which most people call “human decency”– he’ll  apologize for being part of the problem instead of the solution.

Yeah, and pigs might fly out of my backside.

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