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Purse Snatcher Encounters Drill Sergeant: What Happens Next Will Have You Cheering


A Career Army Veteran pounces on a purse snatcher. It just does not get better than that!

It really is related to the 2nd Amendment. It  illustrates a point:

This guy could protect himself. He was able to help immediately because he had the training to give him the advantage. Now Herman Cain’s 84 year old Aunt Bessie on the other hand, she would be of no help.

But what if there is not a Career Army Veteran like Rick White to help Aunt Bessie? What if it is more serious than a purse snatch?

The only thing that gives Aunt Bessie an advantage like training gives Rick the advantage is when Aunt Bessie is packin’! Especially if it is openly on the hip! The only thing that creates an equal playing field between Aunt Bessie and a young thug is a gun! Aunt Bessie deserves to have a fair shot! In fact, it her guaranteed right!

It is her civil right! It is her woman’s right! In fact, I think we should socialize it! I think every Aunt Bessie in the country should get one from Obama’s Stash. Include a box of bullets. Get on it liberals! A chicken in every pot, and a gun for every senior!

Thank you Career Army Veteran Rick White! You did the right thing!

Via ~ WCVB Channel 5 Boston:




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