Proud to be an American?

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We must start influencing the culture and that means TV, films and books – or our children and grandchildren will grow up believing what liberals believe: America is no good and needs to be fundamentally changed.

In other words, destroyed. Torn down and sunk to the level of third world disaters.

Here’s a start: Give your kids something real about America to ingest; “I’m Proud to be an American – what I want my grandchildren to know” by Karen Peters. Just in time for Christmas – HERE!

In addition to being a writer here at Joe for America, Karen is a patriot in the utmost meaning of the word and in her book she imparts the greatness of America:

From an introduction to some of our national monuments in Washington, D.C., to the explanation of the successes of our Representative Republic and of capitalism, this book gives readers many reasons to be proud to be an American.

Alternative systems of government are exposed for the disastrous results they have produced.

The various strategies of Progressives to change America forever are described.

The flaws of each green energy solution and the questions about global warming’s causes are presented. The actions that would lead to America’s Suicide are discussed. A description of American Exceptionalism will have you cheering once again for America.

You can get 2 books this week for $4, plus $2 shipping! What could be better?

Karen has been writing “Conservative Corner” daily for six years, highlighting news and events the main stream media does not cover. Her work is published daily on as well as many outlets across the web.

She’s also been a columnist for the Boyne City Gazette in Michigan, RedState and Examiner and is the author of the book, “Proud to be an American – what I want my grandchildren to know” (self-published).

Karen became a Precinct Delegate and Vice Chair of her county Republican Party in response to watching the unprepared, radical Barack Hussein Obama campaign for President in 2008. Her news feed is available to all by sending a note to [email protected]


“I’m Proud to be and American – what I want my grandchildren to know”

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