What These Police Officers Did For A Family In Need Is The Definition of Class

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If we were all foolish enough to listen to race hustlers in the mainstream media, then we’d believe that any person wearing a badge and  a gun was the bad guy and deserves to be assaulted with bottles filled with urine.

Fortunately, most of us aren’t foolish enough to buy the narrative being sold by most big name news outlets, so we don’t feel the need to revert back to a bunch of wild animals peeing in bottles, nor do we think with such an ignorant, sweeping generalization about all law enforcement being bad.

Just in case you’re one of those folks who thinks cops are the villains, here’s a little something that might change your mind.

From Opposing Views:

According to reports, Boynton Beach police responded to a 911 hang-up call made by a 2-year-old girl at the residence, and upon learning that the family was unable to provide a tree or presents for Christmas due to financial struggles, they decided to help the family out.

When police initially arrived at the home following the call, they noticed that the children did not look happy.

“They were missing something,” Officer Terence Paramore said.

Paramore and his partner, Barry Ward, decided, upon leaving the home, that they would surprise the family by giving them the Christmas they couldn’t have. They both went to Home Depot, purchased a tree, and picked up some ornaments to decorate it with. They went back to the family’s home with the tree in tow, activated their body cams, and captured the moment the family received their surprise.

Officer Paramore went on to say that he wanted the deed to inspire others to go out and help families in need. It seems like the classy law enforcement officer got his wish, as people have been dropping off gifts to be distributed to the needy in the community ever since the video was posted online.

With America so sharply divided along both political and racial lines–thanks to dirtbags like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton–it’s more critical than ever for citizens to serve one another and do good things for each other.

Acts of kindness like this helps us to connect regardless of politics and skin color, focusing instead on our shared humanity.

That’s something the country needs a whole lot more of, wouldn’t you agree?

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