How One Man Decided To Mock Ferguson Protesters Is LEGENDARY

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While there are legitimate protesters mixed up in the mess of Ferguson demonstrators, the majority are liberal nutjobs just looking for away to keep Americans divided.

Many of these folks–most of whom are protesting because they like the attention–have blocked streets, staged “die-ins” and all kinds of absurdities.

It seems one gentleman has had enough of the ridiculousness, so he decided to mock the protesters and express his support for his local police department at the same time.

This is epic.

From Q Political:

Huntsville conservative talk radio personality Dale Jackson was becoming increasingly frustrated with the protests over Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases where 300 Huntsville protesters were lying down and stopping traffic.

Mr. Jackson was so fed up that he decided to take matters in his own hands and stand up for the police.

“When I watched the Oakwood University protest, I thought to myself, ‘This is ridiculous. I can’t believe they shut down traffic for this.”

“I was definitely wanting to support the police, that was part of the point,” he continued. “But the biggest point is that there is a right way to protest and a wrong way to protest. Lying down in the middle of the road is the wrong way and shame on the politicians who are afraid to stand up and tell them ‘no.’”

Jackson brings up an excellent point. No one is knocking these folks for protesting. It’s the manner in which they’re conducting themselves that makes them targets ripe for mockery.

If you have a legitimate concern about race relations in America, by all means, protest. However, burning down your city, destroying businesses, stalling traffic, and assaulting police officers isn’t going win many over to your cause.

Perhaps some of the Ferguson protesters will see Jackson’s photograph and decide to protest the right way instead of looking ridiculous.

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