Ode to Samuel L. Jackson : When Hollywood is Free

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Samuel L. Jackson is a rich one-percenter Hollywood leftist pretending to empathize with the struggles of the common man. He blames all police officers for a few bad apples. By injecting race into a situation having nothing to do with race, he blames all Caucasians.

Here is his musical screed.

“I can hear my neighbour crying, ‘I can’t breathe.’/

Now I’m in the struggle and I can’t leave/

Calling out the violence of the racist police/

We ain’t gonna stop until people are free/

We ain’t gonna stop until people are free.”

One good turn deserves another. Here is my ode to Samuel L. Jackson.

“I can hear my neighbor crying, ‘I can’t work or eat.’/

All because of Obama’s anti-business policies/


While being lectured by rich racist celebrities/

We ain’t gonna breathe until Obama leaves/

We ain’t gonna stop until Hollywood is free.”

To paraphrase Outkast, sorry Mr. Jackson. You’re not for real.

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