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Obama’s 2015 “Surprise”: Iran A U.S. Ally?


Think what will happen when, not if, Iran’s Mahdi-driven Mullahs become a nuclear power. Intrinsically, they make no bones about screaming “Death to America”…the “Big Satan”….“Death to Israel”…the “Little Satan”.

MOST sentient folks (at least those who are not comatose) recognize that the Anti-American-in-Chief is bent on the nation’s destruction.

NOW, while his domestic upheavals are clearer to spot, the fact of the matter is that his domestic fires – his foreign machinations – require the utmost rapt attention.

LIKE it or not, the fate of both nations are inextricably linked. They are the twin pillars holding up western civilization.

READ on….

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{re-blogged at Islam Exposed}

IN the run up to the 2012 election – only a few months into this blog’s inception – and ever since then, it was repeated ad nauseam: Barack HUSSEIN Obama has proven to be a clear and present danger, not only to America, but to Israel. This indictment was not tendered lightly. To the contrary; like a knife in this American-Israeli’s patriotic and Zionist heart.

REGARDLESS, recaps are in order, since so much damage has transpired under his second term. Indeed, it is impossible for dedicated (and new) readers to recall this and that warning. Besides, mental gymnastics (like a contortionist) can be very tiring, especially when attempting to keep up with all the domestic and international betrayals accrued under Obama Inc.

Recap One:

IN Aug. 2012, a month into this site’s operation, alarm bells went off, and they rang in the direction of the voters: Obama’s second-term plans are nothing short of a national nightmare!

Recap Two: 

Now, as the readers can attest, there was nothing ambiguous about the first warning. Yet, a second one  – and in very short order – was issued: “D Day” fast approaching…Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s plans involve – but not exclusively so – “deconstructing” the economy.

BUT being that this investigative journalist is both a Conservative and a Zionist, the focal points of this blog are viewed through lenses that are equally fixated on America and Israel. In general, the west.

IN this regard, fellow Jews were placed on notice:

Kerry with Iranian leaders

{Kerry, all atwitter, with Iran’s sponsors of worldwide terror}

Notice One:

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, this site warned: a second-term Obama, in relationship to Israel, plans to go for broke. No ifs, ands or buts.

Notice Two:

BUT in addition to several others, this analysis brought it home, even winning this blog a “Watcher of Weasels Award” (Non-Council Winner): Barack HUSSEIN Obama acts as a shield for Islamic regimes; Iranian freedom fighters exposed his hand! 

OKAY now, so what else is new? Don’t we already know that the POTUS is a grave danger to America and Israel, the twin pillars to western civilization? Hope so.

YET, who better than Rep. Michelle Bachmann (a rock star…on this end) to bring home the goods. Oh yeah.

In a recent radio interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann indicted Barack Obama for his perceived complicity in the ongoing Islamic effort to destroy Israel.

“I was privileged to serve on the Intelligence Committee for the last four years,” the Minnesota lawmaker said. “We deal with the classified secrets of the nation – in particular, we deal with terrorism.”

She explained that she had a “front row seat in watching this up-tempo of Islamic jihad across the world,” describing the rise in terrorism and targeting of Israel as a “spiritual battle.”

Bachmann emphatically disputed Obama’s contention that the acts of Islamic radicals have nothing to do with the religion they espouse.

“I beg to differ,” she said. “This has everything to do with the tenets of Islam; and it is a new state that is being put together for the purpose of destroying Israel and to turn the United States also into an Islamic caliphate.”

Acknowledging such an allegation might sound “wild and fantastic,” she continued by assigning a significant portion of the blame to the Obama administration.

She said she has watched Obama, “at every turn, cut the legs of our ally, Israel, and in fact embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad.”

Obama’s ostensibly enthusiastic support of Iran’s leader as that nation reportedly moves toward the creation of a nuclear weapon, Bachmann said, is a further cause for serious concern.

“There’s a recent report that the president is trying to have private meetings with the ayatollah in Iran,” she said, explaining the country is “very clear about their goal” to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Obama believes, she asserted, that “through his own charm and negotiating skills … he can cause them to change course.”

She recalled her last one-on-one conversation with Obama, during which she explained to him the importance of stopping Iran before it can achieve its goal.

In response to her concern, Bachmann said Obama laughed at her “condescendingly” and told her “it isn’t that easy.”

She responded by saying that, “if Iran has a nuclear weapon, it will be on your watch,” adding that “the history of the world will change because of your failure to act.”

ATOP the above MEGA fire bells, along comes a “word from Jerusalem”: Obama desperate for a deal with Iran at any price! Of course the traitorous bastard is.

IN tandem with the Islamic wreckage strewn all over America and the west, so too he exponentially uplifted the radical red forces in America, and well beyond its borders.

ENTER, Castro’s communist Cuba!

FROM the onset, it must be understood that there is a distinct difference between private individuals who travel to Cuba – via this or that circuitous route for language immersion, adventure lust or the like – and recognition given to an avowed communist regime by the leader of the free world! A regime which is no less hostile today than it was 55 years ago, following the Cuban Revolution of 1959! Mind blowing. Numbing. Wrenching.

IF anything, their leadership has hardened over time, so much so that Raul Castro mocked Obama – who can blame him – essentially, kicking his skinny and effeminate butt! Can you believe it? Do. But please pay attention to Kevin Jackson…a real man…a patriot with balls to spare. Just read his pearls of wisdom:

In his zeal to “make history” and condoning Communism, Obama instead allowed the public sodomy of America.

After a televised speech last week in which Cuban dictator Raúl Castro declared President Obama’s unilateral actions towards Cuba a victory for “a more prosperous and sustainable socialism,” Castro visited the Cuban National Assembly to declare that, against the United States,“now we’ve really won the war.”

“…he recycled the words of his brother, Fidel, upon beginning his guerrilla warfare in the 1950s: “now we have really won the war.” He once again reiterated his desire for President Obama to act unilaterally, without the support of Congress, on as many issues in the White House’s Cuba proposal as possible. “We hope that Obama will use with determination executive prerogatives to substantially modify the blockade in those aspects that do not require Congressional approval,” demanded Castro.

He added that he does not expect any changes in the Cuban regime: “just as we have never proposed to the United States a change in their political system, so too do we demand respect for ours.”

After America had proven that communism only fails and our tactics showcasing Cuba as the Third World armpit that it is, Obama validates Cuba by offering an olive branch.

And they say that Obama is concerned about optics?!

Cuba can claim victory, as the United States under Obama has certainly become a more oppressive country run by a mad man.

YES, Kevin Jackson, from the, got it going on. But let this investigative journalist add her shekels (the currency used in Israel) to the mix, even though it is an otherwise on target assessment.

AGREED, the Narcissist-in-Chief is fixated on “making history”, come what may. Nevertheless, his obsession with Cuba is of piece with his deep and abiding communist (socialist/Marxist infused) roots. This reflexive hug towards Cuba is as natural for him as breathing. An imprint from his DNA. Rock solid.

MOST significantly, Cuban-American leaders, including Senators Cruz and Menendez, are livid at the White House’s betrayal to the American people, as well as to the Cubans still living under the boot of Castro’s regime. After all, those whose roots lie deep within communist Cuba, they categorically understand what the Betrayer-in-Chief’s gifting means. If many could wring his scrawny neck and get away with it – including the aforementioned Senators – don’t bet the farm they wouldn’t. You would lose.

SIMILARLY, his Islamist roots always drive him into the arms of both Sunnis and Shias. It just depends.

HENCE, as we enter 2015, the gifting of an American “stamp of approval” to Castro’s Cuba was to be expected.

AND being that so many mega warnings are signaling in the direction of the Islamist-in-Chief’s warm embrace of Iran, what are the chances that a “reset” with Iran’s (worldwide) terror sponsoring mullahs is not in the offing?

BETTER yet, if it doesn’t happen, well, just be prepared to pick this investigative journalist off the floor…falling…falling…can’t get up!


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