Obamacare SING-A-LONG: On the first day . . .


(Photo: Courtesy of Author)

ON THE FIRST DAY of Obamacare,

Barack promised me . . .

“Keep your doctor and your healthcare, Yes-sir-ee!”

(Photo: Courtesy of Author)

ON THE SECOND DAY of Obamacare

Jon Gruber assured me . . .

“My plan will save you tons of mon-ey.”

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BUT THEN . . . ON THE 1,721ST DAY of Obamacare,

My mailman brought to me . . .

A $6,000 deductible on my healthcare po-li-cy.

ON THE 1,722ND DAY of Obamacare,

The IRS threatened me . . .

“Pay your healthcare tax or we’ll come after thee.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Author)

ON THE 1,723RD DAY of Obamacare,

Michelle yelled at me . . .

“No more colas that are su-gar-eee.”

ON THE 1,724ST DAY of Obamacare,

Gruber boasted proudly . . .

“You bought into my scam, so stu-pid-ly.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Author)

ON THE 1,725TH DAY of Obamacare

Five million illegals danced in glee . . .

Singing “gracias” for healthcare sub-si-dies.

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