Obama: Just TRY to Deport Any of MY Illegal Aliens!

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President Obama laid down a Red Line yesterday through his amnesty mouthpiece Leon Rodriguez daring any future president to try to deport any of the illegal aliens that he is effectively legalizing.  The biggest problem with this particular Red Line is that he’s not daring the Syrians or Muslim terrorists or the Russians, this time he’s daring the Republican Party to go against him.  In previous Red Lines, the enemy had the luxury of a leader like Bashir Assad or Vlad Putin.  This time the President is facing down the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham.

“If this program does what we want it to do, you will now have literally millions of people who will be working on the books, paying taxes, being productive. You cannot so easily by fiat now remove those people from the economy,” said Mr. Rodriguez, who took over as agency director earlier this year.

In case you haven’t noticed, Republicans just signed onto a $1.1 trillion budget extension through September 15th of next year.  They will fully fund the Obamnesty because the President will veto any spending bill that tries to stop it and he and his media concubines will make sure Republicans get the blame for “shutting down the government” just before Christmas.

So much for that election thingy just 36 days ago.

You know, the Republican leadership has one thing in common, they’re old.  Heck, so are we, and we’ve noticed that if we don’t write down important things they don’t get done because we forget.  So we’re guessing the old farts that run the Party of We Suck Just a Little Less just forgot that they got an electoral mandate 36 days ago.

We’re absolutely sure they’ve forgotten who delivered the victory, and here’s a hint if you can’t remember either.  It wasn’t the Republican Establishment.Where’s Vlad Putin when we need him.



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