Nutty Tourist Tries To Take Selfie With A Monkey, But Things Go HORRIBLY Wrong

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Sometimes, people do incredibly, unbelievably stupid things, which leave you in a state of shock at having witnessed such a high level of idiocy. You end up being so astounded by this display that words refuse to connect together to form full thoughts and sentences through which to express how dumbfounded you are.

This is exactly what will happen when you read the story about a nutty tourist in Bali who decided to try taking a selfie with a wild animal.

Let’s just say things don’t quite go as planned.

From The Daily Mail:

A tourist on holiday in Bali spotted a golden opportunity to pose for a picture with a monkey, but the selfie attempt backfired in amusing fashion.

It’s highly unlikely you can get a monkey to play to the rules, and this primate was more interested in the woman’s hair than being in a holiday snap.

A set of pictures posted on Reddit by user ThatGuy1331 show his ‘friend’s harrowing encounter with the little rascal.’

Smiling next to the monkey, things seem to be going to plan until the primate extends its arm towards the woman’s hair.

The next photo shows the hilarious, open-mouthed reactions of both – the woman appears to be screeching in horror at her hair being grabbed, while the monkey shrieks as well.




Awww. Isn’t that precious?

After getting a change of pants, I’m sure this young lady learned a valuable lesson about trying to take photos with wild animals: Don’t do it.

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