The Note This Man Left On His Front Door To Deter Christmas Carolers Will Leave You In Stitches

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Okay, so everyone knows that one person who is a total Scrooge around the holidays–particularly when it comes to belting out classic Christmas tunes for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

Well, one man wanted to make sure that none of his pesky over jolly neighbors came carousing around his house caroling, infecting his precious ear drums with holiday cheer, so he crafted an epic note that’s sure to make you chuckle out loud.

Seriously. This is hilarious. No, seriously. Read it. You won’t regret it.

From Mad World News:



If I were a Christmas caroler, I’m pretty sure the very first reason would be enough to send me bolting off the front porch with a quickness the likes of which this man has probably never witnessed with his own two eyes.

Then there’s the ending, where the guy fully admits he’s never even been visited by carolers. I guess he just wanted to make sure he covered his bases.

It’s obvious that while this guy isn’t much for caroling, he has a great sense of humor, so he isn’t likely one of those “I hate Christmas” fellows destined to be visited by three ghosts come Christmas Eve.

To be honest, I’m not sure too many people even go around caroling anymore, but after seeing this guy’s note, I highly doubt any of his neighbors will knock on the door.

Unless they want to call his bluff, or for some strange reason want to see this gentleman without pants.

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