Then There Were None

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There were four young hoboes now there are none.

Jason was the muscle, I guess. He was always sweet around me but had the upbringing you read about and think is tragic, because it is. I imagine he could find his tough when he needed it.

hoboLeft abandoned by his mom in a dumpster at 4 days old, he was raised in foster care and group homes. Finally a judge forced him into the military, where he was eventually discharged for selling pot while in uniform.

Jason was pretty calm compared to his younger brother who I only heard stories about. Evidently this brother used to fight dogs to the death in Ghost Town, an Escape from New York type area of Detroit. Since the brother is still alive I assume quite a few dogs aren’t doing so well.

This brother contracted rabies twice. When they told me that it got me laughing really hard, maybe because the whole thing was so sad or just because I found it funny.

When Jason got arrested for arguing with a cop over where they could and could not sleep, the other three, I could tell, became pretty scared. They were much younger and fairly new to the streets. They hung out with me one morning and I should have told them they could pal around with me, but didn’t really understand how young they were and how scared until I saw them at dinner over at Union Gospel.

Darren is really pretty with long dreads and a sweet almost feminine nature. He was caring a long hammer that could do some serious damage and a brick tied to a rock. So I knew their time was short. If there is that much fear of a situation something usually gives.

Darren called Jessica his wife, I never really bought it, but turns out she was a 16 year old runaway from Seattle. One day she asked me if I thought she looked 18 because a security guard said she didn’t. Part of her disguise, I think, was to have her full grown woman boobs hanging 1/2 out all the time. I finally told her to cover those bad boys up.  Five days after Jason was arrested; Darren and Jessica found themselves back in Seattle, him in juvenile hall and
I am not sure about her.

John was all alone before those three showed up. He would sit and panhandle in front of McDonald’ listening to rap and Robin Williams comedy tracks. He called home two days after Jessica and Darren were caught and got a warm invite from his brother, so he hopped on the Bolt bus this morning and was gone. I loved these four very much, used to see them every day and will miss them. Say some prayers that their life adventures stay healthy and happy, because when they were all together they were having fun.

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