Mother Teresa, You’re No Michelle Obama

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It’s Snarky Thursday, at least on my calendar, so I had to write the following….

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I must admit, I was so taken aback at the indignity that Michelle Obama must have suffered during her ‘clandestine’ trip to Target that I felt compelled to stand up for her.

After all, we women must stick together especially when there has been an injustice that has occurred.

I can only imagine how horrible it must have been for her to be asked to give of herself and help someone else, especially by someone not of her own race.

I kept wondering if a person of her own race would have been so rude as to ask her, an obviously tall person, to reach up on a high shelf for detergent.

The audacity that the Caucasian woman must have had in asking for help was overwhelming for me to wrap my mind around.

How this great woman endured this request with an obvious racist message attached to it left me saddened.

I know that it’s been revealed that Michelle spoke about this tragic event on the David Letterman Show back in 2012, and indicated that the woman, who was shorter than Michelle, needed her help in reaching an item. I’m sure that saying the woman was shorter and needed help, was just Michelle’s way of dealing with the hard to cope with racism to which Michelle was subjected.

Although Michelle and I are not of the same ethnicity, her ordeal led me to think about another woman that suffered hardship as well throughout her life.


I would say that she suffered with grace and dignity but then are those really good traits for a person to have? Isn’t it better just to come out and expose the person for who you perceive them to be, just like Michelle did with the Target shopper?

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The woman that came to mind, with surely a lesser burden to bear than Michelle, but a burden nonetheless, is Mother Teresa.

Throughout her life, Mother Teresa cared for the sick and poor in some of the most poverty stricken places on the planet. However, I’m sure they may not have been as bad as some of the department stores that Michelle has walked into.

Mother Teresa’s order was responsible for establishing a hospice, centers for the blind, aged, and disabled, and even a leper colony. She received a Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work but was it any less noble for Michelle to burden herself with reaching for detergent on a shelf?

I ask you to consider the implications? Perhaps tacit racism is the answer for Michelle not receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work in helping the woman in Target.

While Mother Teresa chose to live a life of poverty and spend most of her life in the poorest of poor countries, taking care of those who could offer her nothing in return, except their love and gratitude, can you really compare her strife to what Michelle has been through as First Lady?

I contend that Michelle’s life as First Lady has been much more difficult.

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As she has often described, there are “prison-like elements” to being First Lady, even though she admits that “It’s a really nice prison,” I’m sure she was just being kind. I also don’t recall Mother Teresa spending time in a prison.

Furthermore, Michelle  doesn’t get paid as a First Lady and neither did Mother Teresa but no one made Mother Teresa take a vow of poverty. Michelle on the other hand, had no choice in being First Lady.

So, in conclusion, ask yourself this when you hear the First Lady complaining once again, this time about the racism she has endured in Target, who do you feel more empathy toward, Michelle Obama or Mother Teresa?

If your answer is Mother Teresa than it must be because you are a racist!

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