Mommies Don’t Send Your Daughters Off to College, They’ll be Raped

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That’s certainly what the campus feminist movement and the Obama administration would like you to believe.  The latest mantra is that one in five college women are raped while they’re in college.

That’s a lie.

Not only is it a lie, but Barack Obama’s very own Department of Justice says it’s a lie.

The campus rape crusade, which yielded positively Orwellian “consent rules”  at some institutions, was driven in part by an oft-repeated, jaw-dropping statistic that one in five women are victimized by sexual assault during their time at college.  The Justice Department just published a study on the matter, and they found the actual figure to be not one in five, but rather 6.1 per thousand.  In other words, the percentage of coeds exposed to sexual assault is 0.61 percent, not 20 percent.

We can’t wait for rational people to begin quoting this study from the Obama/Holder Department of Justice.  We’re not holding our breath however, because there are so few rational people on college campuses or in the major media that it’s not likely to come up.

Campus rape is the latest “white privilege” issue of the day.  Feminists have latched onto the 20% nonsense make college campuses an even more unfriendly place for men.  A nice deconstruction of the one-in-five theory is here.  Feminists are trying to promote the concept of “rape culture.”  It’s their latest claim to victimization.

Full disclosure, your Curmudgeon is an engineer.  He’s had more statistics that should be necessary for life.  He considers statistics to be “art” not “math.”  When you have a “math problem” there is one answer.  With statistics however, you have a data set and a decent statistician can manufacture any outcome you’d like.  There are too many artful variables in statistics, like the wording of the question for starters.  Unless you’ve got the data set and all the internals of the study in question, a conclusion as to the accuracy of a conclusion is impossible.

The latest stuff to hit the fan with respect to college rape is the story of “Jackie” who said she was gang raped by nine men after being thrown through a glass table at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia two years ago.  She says she was talked out of going to the hospital or reporting the gang rape by three friends because they’d never be invited to another party if she reported it.  Really.

Here’s Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz talking about the story.


Outrageous.  Now that the story has completely unraveled, the University of Virginia still has all fraternities and sororities suspended.  Here at Curmudgeon Central, we hope Phi Kappa Psi has an excellent attorney who will sue UVA for their entire endowment fund, and put the Rolling Stone out of business.

Here’s one more example of just how feminists and the Obama administration are skewing reality on college campuses.

In 2011, Yale University reported thirteen allegations of sexual assault. All thirteen were filed under an informal complaint process in which the accused student does not have the right to cross-examine his accuser or present evidence of his innocence. None of the complainants ever went to the police or ever received any sort of medical exam. Under this procedure, a student can press charges against another student for behaving in a way that causes her to worry. Yale’s guidelines make the extraordinary claim that the goal of the disciplinary process is “to achieve a resolution that is desired by the complainant.” If you accept Yale University’s data, you are ten times more likely to be sexually assaulted on the Yale University campus than in the city of New Haven, one of America’s most violent cities.

So mommy and daddy, for goodness sake don’t send your daughter to college if you believe the Obama administration or, for that matter, the universities’ own reporting.  Why would you pay good money to endanger your daughter?  Don’t you love her?  Is having her raped some kind of rite of passage at your house?

And, don’t you have something better to do with $64,250 than send your daughter to Yale so she can be raped?


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