Michelle Sees Racism Everywhere

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Michelle Obama was recently a victim of perceived racism.  She lamented the fact that when she shopped at Target she was actually asked to take something off a high shelf  for a short customer who didn’t even recognize that she is America’s First Lady!

Michelle, I am short. I sometimes have to ask whoever is standing near me to help me get something off a high shelf!  Poor you! You ARE tall, and that can be useful, having nothing to do with the color of your skin.  In fact, it might have been a sign that it was not a racist event since your skin color did not deter someone from asking for your assistance.

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Perhaps you could stop presuming the worst of people. You were not dressed as a First Lady normally does, and you were wearing a ball cap. Perhaps the person was focused on something other than you and the color of your skin. Some Americans actually enjoy helping others! It happens every day.

Get over yourself, and be glad, Michelle, that you are not truly discriminated against as women are in Muslim countries. There they are stoned to death while buried up to their necks in sand. They are not allowed to drive, and Muslim men use a manual on how to beat up their wives.  

America is a country where one who gets a high school education, works hard and is bent on becoming a useful part of society can even become President!  You should be teaching those principles instead of encouraging victimhood and white privilege.

In your view, apparently, as well as in the view of the black race-baiters, America will always owe dark-skinned people for the sins of white people hundreds of years ago.  The fact that our country went to war to free the slaves and give them citizenship is ignored. Never, it seems, will The Great Society’s War on Poverty, on which we have spent $8-15 trillion dollars, and Affirmative Action be enough.

You should particularly appreciate Affirmative Action, Michelle.  You got into Princeton because of it.  By your own admission, it was not because of your mediocre grades.  Once there you promoted a Black Solidarity event, says the radical Cornell West. So this has been your agenda all along.


While your husband was at Harvard and was president of The Harvard Law Review, he declared that he “undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action” in his own academic career. This was in spite of his admission that he was part of a “choom gang” while in high school.

Our President could be using his Bully Pulpit to encourage the same kind of success that his hard work created. He could address the real situation in the African-American communities instead of promoting protests. 

Why has he not put forth a truly meaningful plan, one which lists his priorities of lifting the poor and the black out of poverty and making them part of mainstream America?  Perhaps he could promote “pants up, don’t do drugs, and study hard” instead of the false narrative “Hands up, don’t shoot”.

African-American killers outnumber white killers in America by at least 7-to-1, while the African-American population is only 13% of American population.  This is a major problem, Michelle. Convincing African-Americans to stop the killing would be a good use of your time.

Michelle, you could form a panel of successful African-Americans who will then brainstorm, interact, and effect true change.  Stop pointing your finger at those who have actually worked hard to be successful.  This could be your best legacy, Michelle – far better than your failed school lunch menu scheme. It could be your Thousand Points of Light!

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