Merry Christmas Hillary, You’re Sooooo a 20th Century Candidate

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If Hillary Clinton announces her presidential candidacy she’ll peak on the day she announces.  We don’t know who the Dems will run, but it won’t be Hillary.  Former Hillary Clinton supporter and Connecticut attorney Audrey Blondin is one reason why.

“I think the issues that Senator Warren speaks to–the income diversity, the student loans and Wall Street corporation corruption–those are issues that really resonate here with Connecticut residents, I believe.”

Keep in mind that Connecticut is one of the most leftist states in the nation, but they’re pretty much in the center of things for today’s Democratic Party.

Hillary couldn’t beat the fledgling Barack Obama with the Clinton Machine out in full force.  This time around, with Obama Baggage, she’ll do even worse. has come out in favor of Warren.  Lizzy, while repeating the mantra, “I’m not running…” has done nothing to dissuade anybody from the draft movements.  Combined with the fact that the “establishment” wing of the Democratic Party is the far left, Hillary has problems.

Democrats don’t want a repeat of this year’s disaster, and this year’s disaster was 98% Barack Obama.  Hillary can easily be tied to Obama, while Warren has fought him from the left on a number of big issues.  The last thing they want to face in 2016 is having a candidate that can be tied to Obama.

Pass the popcorn please.

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