Megyn Kelly Shows Rachel Maddow How to Do It:

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In November, for the first time ever, The Kelly File was the number one show on cable in the coveted 25-to-54 demographic. This news is especially disheartening for all the libs out there who say only old white folks watch Fox News.

Wrong again, you delusional idiots.

Kelly-1203The last time a host other than Bill O’Reilly has won the demo was in Oct. 2012, when the 10pmET hour, which included presidential debates, was No. 1.

– and for some contrast – “The Rachel Maddow Show” was MSNBC’s highest-rated show in both categories, ranking 17th in total viewers and 20th in the demo.

If Fox News is only for right-wingers, who are all these other folks tuning in megyn Kelley and rejecting Rachel Maddow?

Who are all these young people relying on for honest, fair and balanced news and opinion?

MSNBCmaddow_0So what do liberals say now?


Hardly: Get all the numbers HERE at MediaBistro, but in a nutshell – MSNBC barely beats a test pattern and CNN ain’t far behind.

Why? Because they do not reflect the news, Americans, the truth or anything else.

The votes aren’t far behind the ratings, kids. Now if we can just get Republicans in charge to do the right thing, we could go back to more important items – like working, vacations, playing sports, hanging out and working some more.

Sounds fun.

PS: Roger Ailes is a genius.

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